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  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    There's Garmin's legacy program, Mapsource, that was discontinued a number of years ago. It will use the same maps that are already installed in Basecamp. It's worth a look, but if you are looking for something "intuitive" then you may not be impressed. :)

    Also "Tyre to Travel" which was originally a shareware program that only worked with TomTom devices, but the new version also supports Garmin.
  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    The people from Tyre to Travel have now created MyRouteApp (, apparently as a kind of successor to Tyre to Travel. It is web-based (can be used with any browser). I created several routes with several variants with it and think that it is really, really good.

    It has a free "basic" mode and a paid "gold" mode. In the free mode it works only with Google maps, in the paid mode it works also with HERE/Garmin maps.

    The paid mode can be tried for free for one month - that is what I am going to do for the preparation of my upcoming 10-day trip from Arizona to California (and back). I will see how that works and let you know.