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  • Proof of false accusation

    Your last comment only suppots my own belief thst cops are among the most dishonest segment of the population and can NEVER be trusted to be honest.. They are out to get someone and evidence be damned.

    It really concerned me that they expected you to admit to something you didn't do. That is huge.

    I can only wish you the best of luck. I hope I don't have to also hope you the best of lawyers who can nail the cops to the wall. They deserve to be nailed to the wall.
    So I will make this very polite. To paint an entire segment of the population, or an entire profession, with such a broad brush is a little short-sighted. Just like there are SOME dishonest lawyers, dishonest carpenters, dishonest chefs, dishonest road sweepers, dishonest [insert any profession here], there are SOME dishonest police. It just so happens to sound like this gentlemen has run into some possible dishonest conduct. However, neither you nor I know the whole story. Maybe witnesses gave them an incorrect license plate number that matches his vehicle. Maybe witnesses mistook the car or the people they saw or something, and that is what the police are going on. To say that all police are dishonest is, again, at the least, shortsighted. Apparently you have either had a bad experience yourself, or you take some of the stories you read about SOME police and therefore assume they all are that way, who knows. Let's keep the discussion on GPS and leave your personal (and incorrect) views somewhere else. Thanks.
  • DriveSmart 61 - NO Details?? HELP!

    It's funny, Verizon notified me that I could get FIOS at my old home about a month before I moved to my new place in 2006. But I decided slow internet was a reasonable price to pay for life in a secluded location way back in the woods with a wild stream, surrounded by state forest. Have never regretted that decision. :)