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  • new voices

    No. You can though if you install some third party warnings.
  • Proof of false accusation

    Let's keep the discussion on GPS

    Yes, indeed. There are plenty of other places to discuss that. It has been a long time since I've had to moderate threads or users and I'd like to keep it going that way. :)
  • Garmin edge 200 history Problem

    I have moved this thread to the handheld forum.
  • Garmin edge 200 history Problem

    Given that this is the auto forum you might not get much help here. Try posting in the other Garmin forum here that covers the Edge models.

    Garmin Basecamp can open .gpx files. So can their older Mapsource software. There are many, many other programs for this also. Actually, .gpx files are just text files that you can open with any text editor such as Notepad on Windows or TextEdit on the Mac. You might need to change the extension to .txt however.

    Note that the file named Current.gpx will contain a copy of all your saved locations and your current track. There is no problem deleting this file because it's just a copy of internal data that's stored in protected memory you can't access. Current.gpx is automatically generated every time the Nuvi starts up, so it will always come back.
  • Software versions for the different Garmin ranges

    Good to know that the version number of the firmware of an particular model doesn't say that much over functions and options.
    I'd go one step farther and say that the version number says absolutely nothing about functions and options. You can find out everything about those on Garmin's original product page for the device. Everything else is just a bug fix.

    In some cases functions could be taken away in the future, even though the firmware still supports them. One example would be mass transit routing because Garmin stopped making the special maps. Another example would be their "connected" devices like the Nuvi 16xx. Garmin stopped providing data for them, and then AT&T took down their whole legacy Edge network.

    Another example would be MSN network features that used a special FM receiver. They discontinued that service later as well.
  • Software versions for the different Garmin ranges

    Is my assumption correct that this last unit will have the most advanced (or best looking?) software? Will it also be supported for the longest time? I'm curious.
    Not necessarily. In addition to adding features on new models, Garmin also has a reputation for removing features that some people liked that were on older models. One example is the DEM map (digital elevation map). It shows terrain features when navigating in 3D mode. It was included on some higher end nuvi models starting in about 2012, but is not included on any of the newest Drive series. Also, some folks were quite upset several years ago when Garmin removed the MP3 and audio book players.

    As far as supporting old units, Garmin has a pretty good reputation for providing technical assistance, even on devices that are quite old and long out of warranty. New models get frequent software updates to work out the bugs. Usually after a year or two the software is pretty stable, so software updates for the older devices are rare but do happen occasionally. And map updates are still available for most devices in the nuvi series, some of which are now over 10 years old.
  • Information on Birds Eye and SD Card

    This is an old thread, but my numbers should give you some idea of how much coverage you can fit on a card.

    Rounding off... figure about 2.5 MB per square mile for the highest quality imagery. So that is about 400 square miles per gigabyte. So, theoretically, you could fit 25,600 square miles on a 64gb SD card. That would be the equivalent of an area 160 miles x 160 miles.

    Now my subscription expired a long time ago, and I know they have made some changes. But according to my old thread, there are 150 image tiles per square mile. I think you will probably hit some other limits before reaching 64gb - that would be almost 4 million tiles and I doubt your device can handle that many, regardless of the memory card size.

    I have a 16gb card that is full of birdseye imagery. When I insert this in my Montana, it takes forever to start up, which I found unacceptable. You will have to do some experiments to see how much imagery actually works well on your GPS.
  • Garmin Drive 61 - Editing a previously saved Trip Planner route

    @Danny What happens though when you tap Go and try to navigate that route?
  • Garmin Drive 61 - Editing a previously saved Trip Planner route

    Trip planner can only accept 30 waypoints/viapoints whether sent directly from BaseCamp or created on the device. What your device and BaseCamp can also do is use shaping points, you can have hundreds of these between waypoints/viapoints. If you open Trip Planner on your device and then select a trip, shaping points are shown as small circles, sometimes depending on model with a line either side. Waypoints/viapoints are shown as flags. There is more info here