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  • Magellan Triton RMP Maker

    Just send me an email and I will send you the program.

    Maybe some modmin would add it ti downloads section somewhere if there is any,
    This program is impossible to find online but can be helpful to many many people.

    You can also contact me directly through my website:

    Best regards,
  • Which GPS will allow tracks to be loaded to it.

    Yeah, automotive Garmin's just aren't designed for off-road navigation.
  • Which GPS will allow tracks to be loaded to it.

    Sorry, but alan is right. Garmin does not make any automotive models that can receive tracks. The Zumo is a very expensive way to get this capability. But if you don't care about the cost, there is also the Overlander and GPSMap276cx.

    Now... depending on what you want to do, you might have a look at this little free program. It can convert your tracks to transparent Garmin maps (.img files) that you can overlay on another map by enabling it at the same time. This should work on any Garmin automotive device, such as the Nuvi and Drive series.

    Here's another similar program that is not free. But it's a lot cheaper than a Zumo. ;)

  • Next Garmin software / map updates?

    Hard to compete free apps you can download to a smartphone. However there are pro's and con's to using your phone. And, pro's and con's for a dedicated device.

    I find that I have to use both to eliminate being surprised by one or the other. Yet sometimes both surprise me in how they are so wrong.
  • Can Garmin 51LM saved trips be sorted?

    Never looked into this at all myself, but this thread at GPSFileDepot made me wonder if something similar is happening?

    "The tracks (and I'm assuming routes and waymarks as well) are listed in a Garmin device (not just a GPSMap62) depending on how far away the first track point (or waymark) is from your current location."
  • Can Garmin 51LM saved trips be sorted?

    Well if you have the patience you can sort them by scheduling the trip, scheduled trips are sorted in time order so a trip scheduled to start at, for example, 1000 will appear after a trip with an earlier scheduled time.
  • looking for GPS solution for trip to Eastern Europe

    Any of the newer nuvi or Drive models that have lifetime CN EU map updates should work OK. If you find some available models you are interested in, post here and the members can comment on those models.

    If you use something like eBay, you might have to look at some European sellers to find one with CN EU lifetime maps. Here is one I saw on ebay from a seller in the UK:
  • First impressions DriveSmart 61 vs 65

    I decided to get myself a DriveSmart 65 because.... Not really sure. I guess because I wanted to give the 61 to my wife, or perhaps just say, keep it in the van whereas I generally drive the Subaru.

    I have only used the 65 once to go to the grocery and just simulate, but I like how when I'm coming up on a turn it zooms in much closer in autozoom than the 61 did. In a downtown where lots of side streets are close together, it was a struggle with the 61 to make out on the map where to turn. The car symbol could cover several streets. The 65 zooms in much closer. That's good.

    I also like that most of the on screen data is in larger type sizes. My older eyes were, I use reading glasses for closeup stuff, can make out the data better.

    I hope the lane assist arrows show up more often than on the 61.

    I'll post more observations as I use the 65 more but just the better adjusted auto zoom makes the upgrade worthwhile...assuming I don't discover something that i like on the 61 that Garmin got rid on on the 65.
  • Garmin gpsmap 235 sounder

    A brand new Garmin chart plotter, fish finder or sounder all come with a new power/data cable. So if the pinout isn't the same, then it's a no-brainer to replace. IMO.
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    Don't know what to tell you about BaseCamp crashing. Are you using the latest version (4.7.0)?
    Many people think that Basecamp 4.7 is especially buggy, so you might want to try an older version. But Garmin has discontinued Basecamp, so any problems that it has will never be fixed. X( And there's a major issue with the current version, MapInstall doesn't work with third party registry-based maps. This includes almost all of the maps from GPSFileDepot.

    You can download old versions of Basecamp here: