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  • Oregon 750 Help no off route notification?

    I have a Montana, not sure how it might be different. However, if I go to Setup > Routing and choose Hiking or Pedestrian for activity, there is a menu for off-route calculation. What have you selected there? If you choose prompted, it should alert you when you go off-route.

    However, if you choose Direct Routing as an activity, you will not have an off-route calculation menu.
  • GPSMAP 66st bugs

    I've been using GPSRs since the 1990s. Started w Magellan, and was pretty happy with them. For some reason, I changed to DeLorme PN-20, and followed the upgrade path, ending w PN-60. I was pretty happy with them, despite the arcane UI in the Topo and Street products, and the way they made significant changes to the UI. I am an active mountain biker, road biker, hiker, outdoor everythinger ;-), and use my GPS on my motorcycle and in my car. I guess there might be better auto GPSRs, but because I use my 60 all the time, I am used to it. And when moto or driving, I tend to memorize routes, anyway, so all the GPS does for me is provide reminders, or give me a shot at recovering from changed travel plans (accidents, construction, etc.) I'm pretty flexible and patient on the road. Life ain't perfect.
    So...I decided it was time to upgrade to a newer device...larger screen, better response, connectivity...and bought a 66st. One of the first things I did was to go for a ride and see how it tracked. I plugged it into a late model car, just like I do w my PN-60, and it died. Never restarted. I contacted Garmin, and they said that they wanted to look at it, and swapped me for a new one. I still tried to use the new one on the road, but with a USB condom.
    Now, there are a lot of good tech things about the 66st, but it's gotta actually do what I do.
    I used BaseCamp. Garmin says that it is deprecated. Soon to be retired. Not under current dev. But should still work...sorta, it seems.
    I loaded an OSM street map.
    I exported my DeLorme waypoints (hundreds), and imported into BC.
    I made custom waypoint symbols, because I am used to using them in the PN-60.
    I put them in the correct place for BC and on the 66st.
    I used BC to block-assign custom symbols to my waypoints. So far, so good.
    I synced. No waypoints????? I contacted Garmin Tech Support. They didn't know what was up. I investigated (hacked) and found that BC was calling them 'Custom 3', for example, and the 66st wanted '003'. way around that...I tried.
    I tried using Garmin symbols in BC...I didn't want them...but figured that I'd see if that worked...well, it does...but not always...seems that BC calls a symbol Fred, and the 66st calls the same symbol Sally. What's a girl to do?
    I tried to config it to my know, move the map, route, waypoint, etc. menu icons around so that the stuff I am most likely to use is at the top. It kept Quitting and rebooting. Not good. Eventually, it died to the point that it no longer really would do anything, except reboot back to the 'choose a language' prompt, so I returned it for a new one.
    #3: The saga continued. I really thought I'd eventually get it to work. I can't send way points from BC, where it is convenient to assign all my custom symbols. I /can/ import them into Explore, and send them from there...BUT Explore won't let me use custom symbols, and I REALLY don't like the stock Garmin symbols. And even at that, Explore does not have a block assign of symbols, so I need to change hundreds of them one at a time. Not.
    BC won't send routes to the 66st (at least not for me). Maybe it would if I renamed my custom symbols to 'Custom x'. Explore will. But I find annoying the constant complaining of Connect that my Bluetooth is turned off. BT is there for my convenience, not Garmin's.
    For 2019, it is really not ready for prime time. Internally, very nice. But as a tool, not up to 2006 standards. The tools to manage it, and the way reconfiguring works on the 66st, are simply inadequate.
    The internal stuff seems to work OK. I gave it a place to nav to, and it did. But that's not how I use it, and I really don't want to give up all my waypoints, custom symbols, tracks, and routes. So I sent #3 back, too. To me, it is just an expensive toy. I'll revisit it an a year or so, but in the meanwhile, I still have the PN-60, with its outdated maps, and GaiaGPS, which I find worth exploring. And paper and mental maps and compasses, which never let me down ;-)
  • express not recognising nuvi

    tried my Nuvi 2797via one of these meters plugged into my USB3 port with a fully charged GPS and it shows 4.85V with a current starting at 0.880A (880 mA) settling down to 770mA.
    That could be a hefty drain on many a computer port and it is recommended that the GPS be fully charged before connecting to a PC.
    Lowering the screen brilliance to about 50% reduced the consumption to 330mA, this could be a simple solution if power consumption is the issue.
    I will do a bit more experimentation as I have experienced many false start attempting Nuvi connect to W10 and just persevered, maybe it is time to track it down.

  • Use GPS longitude/latitude to calculate speed

    Sounds like a good project and I hope you get some responses. But I think you have come to the wrong place. For starters, there is very little activity on this site anymore. Beyond that, when someone does come here it is generally to ask a question like "how do I update the map on my Garmin GPS?" This has always been a consumer-focussed site, and not a place to discuss complex technical topics. :)

    And before you ask... no, I have no idea where you would find a site to discuss this kind of thing, sorry.
  • newbie with Camper 760LM

    It's quite possible it only came with that map installed, in which case you'll need to buy the full EU map, or the Western Europe map if that's available.
  • DriveSmart 61 - Edit "Apps" shortcuts?

    On the Where to screen you can move shortcuts around, but not the Apps screen :)
  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    There's Garmin's legacy program, Mapsource, that was discontinued a number of years ago. It will use the same maps that are already installed in Basecamp. It's worth a look, but if you are looking for something "intuitive" then you may not be impressed. :)

    Also "Tyre to Travel" which was originally a shareware program that only worked with TomTom devices, but the new version also supports Garmin.
  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    Just be aware that if you create a route on a different map to the one in your device you may not get the results you expect.
  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp? is an online trip/route creating site which creates gpx files that can be downloaded as Trips to your GPS.
  • Nuvi 52LM - Settings - Options - 'Do Not Automatically Turn On'

    Go to Amazon and search for "12 volt lighter adapter with switch" and you'll find some options that may work for you. At least it's a start.