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  • Installing via img or Basecamp (what about JSV)

    If you are asking about using MapInstall (from the Basecamp menu) to install a map to your device, then yes, you will NOT get the JCV file or other special feature files that come with a map update. You should use Garmin Express to install the map to your device and computer. That way you will have the map in BaseCamp and all the feature files including JCV on your device.
  • can i copy a map from one micro SD card onto another one?

    3000 segments is the total of all the segments of all the maps installed everywhere. So you need to add the segments of the maps in internal memory plus any maps on the card. You also need to add any mapping that was originally included on the device, such as the basemap. It makes no difference if a map is disabled, it still counts towards the 3000 limit.

    I don't understand how two maps could have zero segments. Perhaps they are the timezone map and something similar? All that will be significant are full map products that you have installed.
  • can i copy a map from one micro SD card onto another one?

    Actually it's not that easy. Don't know about the EU, but here in the US, Garmin no longer sells maps that you can install on your computer. Period. In the past, the only way to do this with a purchased Garmin map was to get the DVD version. Garmin discontinued these several years ago.

    Now City Navigator is a separate case, if you have a device with a pre-installed City Navigator Map (mostly automotive devices), then you can use Express to install the map on your computer. AFAIK, this is not possible with any other Garmin maps.

    But I just had a chance to fire up my PC and checked one other thing for you. It is very simple to see how many map segments you have on your GPS, just get Javawa's free Device Manager program

    Connect your GPS and run this program. It will scan the device and report how many segments are installed on the main screen.

    Also, Garmin used to have a very useful page that summarized the file specifications for all their devices, but the link no longer works and I couldn't find it elsewhere. Typical Garmin. :O)

    But this site has an even better summary than Garmin's original:

    they say the GPSMap64 allows approximately 3000 segments
  • can i copy a map from one micro SD card onto another one?

    If you have too many segments in your installed maps, it will cause problems, even if the map is disabled. City Navigator typically doesn't have a lot of segments and should not be a problem. Not familiar with EU topo maps, but with their US 24k topo map products, there are a lot of segments. If you install just one of these plus City Navigator, you will probably be close to the limit of the device.

    With maps installed on your computer, you can see the number of segments with Mapsource. I'm not sure offhand how to do this with maps that Garmin distributes as downloads. But one simple test would be to just remove one of the maps and see if the problem goes away.

    Generally speaking, if you install 16gb of maps, you are likely at or beyond the segment limit. But of course, it depends on the specific maps.
  • new sounds

    Sounds like a lot of trouble to go to, but a "bing" for everything is confusing.
    I just switch proximity alerts off and run my TomTom.
  • What is going on?

    Certainly something isn't right. My Montana shows 100% after charging and won't switch off til the battery is depleted. With the supplied battery I was generally getting about 12 hours but as Boyd points out it depends on how it's set up.
  • new sounds

    They can be installed separately but you'll need to disable the Garmin ones, or remove them.
  • Can I charge Eneloop NiMH batteries positioned in the device?

    I believe you may be able to but it will need modifying as there is a switch inside which must be depressed. Probably easier to just charge them separately.
  • new sounds

    Yes if you download some 3rd party warnings, no if you're talking about the Garmin ones.
  • What is going on?

    Your favorite unit is one that was ridiculously overpriced, a huge failure for Garmin and was discontinued some time ago. That speaks volumes in itself! >:)

    Aside from all my Garmin criticisms, something odd is happening to @samogps . You really should not have that many problems. Garmin simply wouldn't survive as a company if these problems were common.