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  • CN EU 2020.10 NTU

  • Norfolk Island Map

    Can't speak directly to what might be the reason for your lack of roads, but what is shown on HERE
    map creator seems to have no bearing on what is released as Garmin's current map update.

    The Mississippi Forensics Laboratory has been open for around five years or more along with the new roads to get to it. However the latest Garmin 2020.10 still does not show the roads. Or have the current place or the old crime lab in it's database, or at least I've not found it. I filed a map error report with Garmin about it over three updates ago. Here Map creator shows it and the new roads. Don't know how long Here has shown it though.

    My nuvi's and drivesmart are also very happy to route me via along a route that crosses a river. The only problem is the bridge has not existed in over thirty years. Hadn't told them about this one yet. Sort of lost interest in keeping them advised. None of the map errors I've reported to them have ever been fixed. Though errors I've reported to Google Maps have sometimes been fixed the same day I reported to them with a thank you from Google for making them aware of it.

  • "Searching in" or "searching near" erase

    If you are talking about searches after pressing the "Where to" button, then press the part of the screen that says "searching near:" and then select a relevant option from the list. For me it's usually "My Destination" or "A Different City".

    Then you should get quicker finds.
  • New Garmin Drive models for 2019

    Are the drivesmart 65 gps devices actually out yet?
    Has anyone actually bought one yet and posted a review anywhere?
  • DriveSmart 51 in GPS Simulation Mode

    Put the GPS in simulation mode and then select the saved place you want.

    When the Go screen appears, tap the 3 bar icon to the left of Go. On the next screen, there will be a Set Location box(you may need to scroll the screen down to see this box).

    Once you tap Set Location your future routes will start from there.
  • DriveSmart 61 - Edit "Apps" shortcuts?

    Unfortunately not.
  • Nuvi 52LM - Settings - Options - 'Do Not Automatically Turn On'

    Thanx Guys - Sure I can 'unplug' it since I don't need it all the time but it would be nice to turn it off from an external power switch. The power button ontop of the 52LM itself takes forever to power 'on & off'. I've seen certain brand ciggarette lighter power supplies that have an 'On/Off switch'. However I can't seem to find anything like that on the Garmin site.
  • DriveLuxe 51 LMT-D no audible speeding alert

    The device isn't muted is it?
  • Installing via img or Basecamp (what about JSV)

    You should be OK using that method on the 1490 as it does not have any other feature files other than JCV.
  • City Navigator North America 2019.10 is now available

    It was posted on another site that 2019.10 was taken down by Garmin due to some kind of problem. I tried last week with my Nuvi 3550 and it said I was up to date with 2018.30.