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  • New automotive devices coming?

    Historically, new releases come out around the turn of the year. (Often, but by no means always.) This means they often dump old inventory over the holidays to make room for the new, as well as timing announcements around CES in January. But of course in this day where so little of Garmin's revenue is in consumer auto GPS, not much of history matters anymore.
  • Problem with the views figure>

    Hmmm.... weird. I'll look into it. There are few other broken things I need to fix as well.
  • nuvi 765t power question

    Yes, the 7x5 series has this screen brightness problem when not in the powered cradle. My 755T brightness is marginal at best, and pretty much useless in bright conditions when not in the cradle.
  • CN EU 2018.20 NT

    "Sorry" alanb, but before reading this last post:

    I DID IT! I (BLEEPING: pardon my French) DID IT.

    I moved the .10 file out of the folder, and copied the .20 file to the MapInstall folder in the Garmin folder under application support. I then ran the newer version of MapInstall; that failed again.
    Then I ran the older version, and I DID IT!

    That left me with 2 maps on the sd-card. I trashed the older one: gmapsupp.img. The newer one was: gmapsupp.img_tmp
    I simply removed the _tmp in the file name! And: VOILA (pardon my French). It worked!

    I put the device in s(t)imulation mode, and took a drive around Brooklyn.

    I’m already planning to compete in hoop-thrujumping in Tokyo in 2020.


    Wish me luck, and thanks for the support.
  • Garmin vs Tomtom

    Good for you John! I still have my Nuvi 5000 but don't use it anymore. My Grandmother was 97 when she died back in 2000. She lived by herself in the same little house in a small town and drove her 1962 Rambler right up until three days before she died. Never used a GPS though. :)
  • Garmin vs Tomtom

    Actually at senior ages, driving is a heath issues. some can like me at 83 and some can't . I use old gps technology when needed. But of course I willingly let the younger folks drive my car. I do not work and drive about 12,500 miles a year. I rely on a nuvi 5000 , tomtom 910, and a garmin 850, all up to date except the tomtom. iam way past my sell by date.
  • New 12.075 Application Released for Nav 3 Devices

    The split function was pretty buggy, so I disabled it a few years ago. I'll see if I can move things around later today.
  • New 12.075 Application Released for Nav 3 Devices

    Gentlemen...…….think we've strayed from the original topic of this thread.
  • Garmin vs Tomtom

    Well, I certainly fit into Boyd's identified demographic group! :) And i agree with his assessment. Garmin is not going away, but their automotive devices might be.
  • Annoying pop-up window with DriveSmart 61

    And then there’s the Basecamp/Mapinstall bug (or is it a feature?) that prevents you from installing third party maps on your gps ever since the last update. That is driving everyone crazy over at gpsfiledepot.
    Sigh! It appears Garmin has mostly abandoned the handheld market too. Too bad as I still value these devices, but it is obvious that sales volume is no longer there because of smart phone apps. I can accept that, but I just wish Garmin would bring the user interface on their devices to a good app. I would be willing to pay a reasonable price or even an annual subscription fee for a good app that included the functions and features of their dedicated devices.