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  • Monterra spinning map

    Just like the wind, some days I get lots of drift, sometimes none at all. :)
  • Have I Been Done

    Thanks everyone. I took it back an hour ago and got a brand new one (Not Ex Display) with all the maps on it.
    Cheers all.
  • Monterra spinning map

    you should of kept the 680.. The Monterra is dropped and forgotten... besides being expensive... they have fixed the issue on the 680.. ... I find it performs better then the Monterra.. but like I said the Monterra had a great screen and loved the android app menu setup..
    And I will be getting a 276cx this fall.. for snowmobiling... many fixes out now for it and the folks who use it off road love it.. My Montana will be for hiking only.
    Boyd it was Garmin's issue.. not an android issue.. known bearings to a waypoint from a position known were off all the time no matter what was set.. by 15 deg...couldn't believe it.. but it is what it is.. my 680 has been flawless.. better still the usb issue is resolved..
  • RV 770 NA LMT S

    There is some really points here. I normally don't buy new things hitting the market due to the usual flaws. And it will be overly priced, but I figured I have other Garmin products that have worked great. I was contemplating the RV 660 but the graphics on the new model had a nice touch. I guess as long we keep buying they will continue charging high prices. Like the 70 thousand dollar pickup truck. But that is a different subject. :) thx for all the feedbacks.
  • Nuvi 2589 - can no longer see imported routes (GPX files)

    A secondary reason is that it can be super annoying to people who are busy crafting a reply to a post only to have the original question change after an answer has been posted. Ironically, that just happened to me a few minutes ago in another forum.
  • How long will Garmin provide lifetime map update?

    Photobucket tries to be very sneaky (for SEO purposes) and embeds links and redirects to their images. In the process of trying to be sneaky rather than helpful their links don't work in a number of places. I've fixed the links.
  • Garmin announces new inReach SE+ and inReach Explorer+

    Here's something strange that was just pointed out in a thread at groundspeak; these devices are not compatible with Garmin maps and don't have memory card slots. Kind of surprising - see the fine print at the bottom of the page here:

    "Preloaded DeLorme TOPO maps are not compatible with other Garmin devices. Other Garmin maps not compatible with this device."

    Tim is right, this really isn't a "Garmin like" product. ;)
  • constructing maps

    Thanks Boyd
    I'll try to figure that out again on Monday, I've got people coming to the farm and must resume being a farmer
  • 3790 bricked?

    Thanks Chris and Boyd. A lot of useful answers.
    For me a 3rd USB cable did the trick. The others apparently were power-only!
  • Software Does NOT Recognize my Nuvi 66LM - Old Problem, No Apparent Solution

    OK, Here we go again!

    I found a USB Driver update file/program/driver on the Garmin site and ran/installed that. I then checked to see if Express could recognize my nuvi. Surprise it still could not see the device.

    Next I did a right click on the nuvi icon under the Unsupported Devices on my PC. There was a option to select that would have windows repair/replace the driver and try to fix the issue. So I thought why not and I put windows to work on it. It took less than a minute to notify me that the driver had been fixed and to retry what I was attempting to previously do. I restarted the search process in Express and the first time it failed and sent me to a page to select the type of device I was looking for. I selected the device and I was finally on my way, it found my device. I suppose I was registering the device again. It then pointed me to a possible upgrade which I selected. It looks as if everything went OK. There's 2 minutes time remaining to update the maps as I'm typing this. It's now finished and indicates it's up to date.

    Next, I guess I'll try BaseCamp and see if it will work.

    Thanks for your help, keeping me focused on what I needed to do.