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  • Garmin 2599LMT-D Rebooting for several minutes

    I would have called her bluff on that. :D
  • Garmin 2599LMT-D Rebooting for several minutes

    There has been no recurrence of this problem, but I made sure to put a paper map into the car before my wife set off to see her elderly aunt, about 200 miles away.

    Here's a funny story for all you GPS folks:
    In the year 2000 my wife bought me my first SatNav for my 50th birthday. I was really pleased and told her I was glad that she wanted me to be able to find my way home.
    She replied "I'd rather hoped you'd use it to GO somewhere..." :-)
  • DriveSmart 60 is dead. Long live DriveSmart 61

    Boyd if you mean how to put it into mass storage, pressing the speed, holding the speed for 10seconds does still bring up the diagnostic screen.

    These instructions from the link above are still valid on the 61.

    Did you change the Drive from the default MTP mode to Mass Storage Mode?

    1. Start NUVI by itself and go to Speed setting on the Map Screen
    2. Press the upper middle of the screen where the Speed is shown for 10 seconds.
    3. The Developers Screen will pop up
    (may see Configuration and Settings, if so select it)
    4. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS
    5. Change from MTP AUTO DETECT to MASS STORAGE and save
    6. Shut down NUVI and connect to PC
    7. It should now connect in mass storage mode.
  • Driveluxe 50lmtHD

    I guess I have to use Driveluxe and play around with the features.

    Well it would certainly help. You might also try reading the manual.

    Which Garmin has made easy by putting a copy of the manual directly on the DriveLuxe 50 in the Garmin/Documents folder, in English, Spanish and French.

  • Driveluxe 50lmtHD

    You can get better traffic reporting on the DriveLuxe if you use Garmin's free Smartphone Link app instead of the HD traffic receiver that comes with the DriveLuxe. Of course that begs the question of why have a Garmin if you need the smart phone anyway (as Boyd will be happy to point out :)) ).

    Smartphone link uses very little data (a few MB a day at most). Since you already have the DriveLuxe, I would suggest you try it if you haven't already.
  • How long should it take for a closed business to no longer appear in the Garmin database?

    Many of the current units have the Foursquare POI database, which seems far more up to date than the POIs included in the 'map data'.
  • National Weather Service using map data from Garmin?

    While there have been some changes at DeLorme (the most publicly being the closure of "The Map Store" at the HQ), there are little other changes that most consumers would see. The Gazetteers that most people know DeLorme for continue to be produced and as far as I know continue to be updated. The produce quite a trove of maps that many outdoors people rely on, particularly in the North East USA. Just as many people in Jersey will tell you where they live based on exit numbers, many people around here will tell you which page number of the Gazetteer from their state they live within.

    The Eattmate PN-Series GPS has been discontinued, along with Street Atlas USA and Topo North America. The digital map data sets (used to power things like Topo USA) are still alive as is Xmap (their more pro cartography program).
  • How Times Have Changed

    Talking about prices. I am a bottom feeder. I use ebay for my purchases. A tomtom go 60 for a total of $ 10.79 delivered. Another coming for $ 16.00 delivered today. Usually from sellers who know nothing about gps and their peculiarities . They don't understand that many gps don't hold a battery charge for long, or just have to be charged to function properly. My gain their loss.
  • Drive Units add new Trip Data Options

    PhotoBucket had become almost worthless with their obtrusive ads and slow load speed. Now they are completely worthless, and I can't imagine that they will survive long with this new pay to play policy.
  • Drive Units add new Trip Data Options

    That I knew. Thanks again.