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  • 310 Deluxe free lifetime maps

    Thanks for that Boyd, I thought I'd give the forum a chance first. I'll try and ring them this week.. that's if it doesn't get forgotten about until the next time it thinks I'm driving through a field.
  • Oregon vs GPSmap

    Life its not supposed to be easy.
    I have concuded that i have bad "technological karma"
  • Traffic Cable vs Smartphone Link

    My Smartphone Link service works great. Map updates have been recalled before because of errors so I don't think that is a big deal. But I think you are right about the PND future. If Garmin wants to stay in the automotive navigation business, they need to embrace smartphone technology much more than they are doing now ... like compatible apps for Android Auto and Apple Carplay.
  • What is going on?

    It's the 650 but similar to the 600. Missed that folks were talking just about the newer version.
  • Vehicle power cable for Nuvi 2569

    No, it does not seem to go away on its own. I haven't tested the device with actual driving yet, so I don't know if it would go away when you start moving. I plan to do some more testing in the next couple of days ... will post back with the results.
  • can i copy a map from one micro SD card onto another one?

    i do not know how this is regulated in US but here in EU using a phone is strictly forbidden during the drive. So hand-free sets for using cell phones in a car are popular. Now I can come to your question ... by analogy to safe telephone use in a car having a gps unit on the knees or between the legs is a safe use of gps (i.e., hand-free) in a car :).
  • can i copy a map from one micro SD card onto another one?

    ok, this time let me be the one who gives data; i purchased TopoActive Europe v4 map and downloaded it onto SD 32 GB card with City navigator Europe 2018.20 on it. There is 3 maps now on the SD card because Topo map consists of 2 maps (west and east europe). There is 9.32 MB of used space on the card and 1822 segments (565 for city navigator, the rest for topo map). Best regards.
  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    The issue I had with Basecamp and MapInstall was that I had to copy the garmindevice.xml from the GPS to the SD card, unhook the GPS from the computer, remove the card from the GPS, put the card in a Card Reader, insert the reader in to my computer and then run Basecamp or Mapinstall. All of this just to get the new map file to install on the card.

    Sorry, I was doing a butch of stuff last night involving extracting files and yours wasn't one of them. What I actually did was once I had the .img file on the SD card for one of my devices (using Basecamp) and tested it , I moved it to my desktop and then copied it to the Map Folder on either device or the SD card on the second GPS as needed.

    Having the .img file from " " would have saved a few steps there. :)
  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    Works fine on my 3597 and DriveLuxe 50. That being said, the graphics on the 50 are terrific compared to the 3597.

    Will post screen shots later for comparison.
  • Aerial imagery on the Nuvi?

    Here's a screenshot from my Nuvi 3550...


    It's actually landcover and road data with colors sampled from aerial imagery, so as you zoom out it has a photographic look. I spent quite awhile creating this several years ago, then lost interest when I started making maps for smartphones. Working on my new website, I thought it might provide a little amusement for some advanced users so it's now available for download. It's technically compatible with any Garmin device, but only looks good on certain models (such as the Nuvi Prestige series). It's fully compatible with Basecamp and Mapsource, with versions for Windows, MacOS and Linux. If you give it a try, let me know if it works properly on your device (especially the new "Drive" models). More info here: