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  • Garmin for Skoda Citigo

    Since the software and user interface is completely different than what we are used to on Garmin nuvi/Drive devices, I wonder if this device is based on Navigon which Garmin bought out a few year ago. The other thing that makes me think this is that under accessories it lists a mount and refers to it as Navigon.
  • Garmin DriveSmart 61 screen problems?

    The interesting part of the alerts are the ones for curves and deer crossings. In VA.WVA and PA they are useless, Deer crossing alert is not reliable. Many signs are on the roads and do not appear on the device. These states have many deer crossing accidents. The curve alert is almost always on as there are very few straight roads in parts these states. I am sure other states gave similar issues.
  • Storage Space Question - 2D and 3D maps

    You know, with the Zumo I never even gave the SD card thing a thought. I didn't know the new express would manage the installation of the maps to the SD card on it's own...I was used to the more arcane method I had to use for my old Nuvi. That method worked well the 1st time, but later updates were problematic and not worth dealing with.

    Well lookee here, I just happen to have a spare 8GB one in my desk. I'll probably get a larger one anyway. I'm still good for the moment.

    I know the Zumo 660 is an older device. It's still newer than my Nuvi 550 of course. I bought the Zumo reconditioned from GPS City only a year or so ago specifically because of the trouble I had keeping the Nuvi up to date.
    And now I find myself in the same situation again...long on trip planning...short on memory. @-)

    The Zumo, for my purposes, a does nice job. Actually, It does far more than I actually need. Spending hundreds of dollars on a newer device that even does far far more than I need, especially when my current device is still functioning very well, wouldn't be my first choice.

    This is what happens when one is raised in a household with people who lived through the great depression: We tend to want to make do with what we have, even if we don't have to. :-D

    Thanks for the help.
  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    I'm finding a few issues with the new version of Tyre. Can't seem to recalc a route after a reorder of waypoints, for one. Will forward issues to them as they seen to want to correct all found issues quickly. Version 7.01 and 7.02 have already been released.
  • Big changes to Google Maps policy and pricing coming June 11

    I get several calls per day from "Google AdWords", but of course it isn't really Google, just some scammers.
  • Big changes to Google Maps policy and pricing coming June 11

    TBH I think Google is trying to move more towards a pay-for-play basis for services rather than being so dependent on ad income. I doubt this will be the last Google service that migrates to a paid one instead of "free".
  • Annoying pop-up window with DriveSmart 61

    Thanks for all your comments. I deactivated the Voice Command function several days ago. So far, so good, I have not had the map disrupted by the page I originally posted about.
  • Can you delete annoying alerts?

    The curve ahead is on most of the time in WVA and Southwestern PA. The bad part is this feature blocks out what road to turn.onto. This might be a good feature in Kanasa where it does not have hills and curves.
  • 2019.10 NTU EU

    Yeah, over time, Garmin has made this language more and more ambiguous. Maybe the next change will be ... "when and as such updates are made available, if ever". :-S
  • Is there an alternative for Garmin Basecamp?

    The people from Tyre to Travel have now created MyRouteApp (, apparently as a kind of successor to Tyre to Travel. It is web-based (can be used with any browser). I created several routes with several variants with it and think that it is really, really good.

    It has a free "basic" mode and a paid "gold" mode. In the free mode it works only with Google maps, in the paid mode it works also with HERE/Garmin maps.

    The paid mode can be tried for free for one month - that is what I am going to do for the preparation of my upcoming 10-day trip from Arizona to California (and back). I will see how that works and let you know.