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  • nuvi 55/56 question

    Boyd, thank you very much as your fix worked. I lost my features after updating maps. That stinks that this happened following Garmin's update instructions. Phone call tomorrow....if that will meaning anything. Thxs again. FT
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    You're still confused. Current.gpx does NOT contain POIs.

    If you want separate POI files (those ending in .gpi) just rename them to something memorable each time, and don't ask POI loader to delete .gpi files. I normally have 4 separate .gpi files in my POI folder.
  • Global Positioning System - 1982

    Cool. Thanks for posting it, Boyd.
  • Is Basecamp headed for extinction?

    Hmmm ... another Garmin mystery ;)
  • Drive 50 won't connect via Garmin Express

    Many have tripped over a low GPS battery try dimming your GPS screen and charging the GPS plus the way of differentiating power from data cables. Just when you think you have it nailed, it changes.

    As far as the USB world when you have some time try researching it in Wikipedia, you will find it is a minefield of variations within the standard with USB 1, 2, 3, 3.1gen 1 gen 2, PDS (power distribution standard) all on the same connectors then there is, USB Mini, Micro and their variants.
    Evolution is a wonderful thing, as is backward compatibility. Not just speed but voltage too up to 20 volts on that simple standard 5v connector with variations up to 5 amps and all standard.
    Now there is USB 3.2 and 4 on the C type connector to provide a new layer of adaptability and backward compatibility.
  • Putting multiple maps on my Garmin 64ST

    Not with the BlueChart map, and little point in combining any others.
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    If you want to collect information on individual locations over time as "Saved Places" or "Favorites" (title depends on GPS model) you could:
    Connect your GPS to a computer with Garmin BaseCamp and use Device>Receive from Device to copy the data to your computer.
    Under My Collection, create a working folder and put a copy of each of the favorites you want to add to your POIs into this folder.
    Highlight the working folder and use File>Export, and select .csv as the file type to save the information on these POIs to a file.
    Copy and paste the lat, lon, and name data from this file into the .csv file where you keep your POI data on your computer. If you only need to add a small number of locations to your POI file, you could avoid the export process. Just select each Favorite in BaseCamp, copy the position data and paste it into your POI file.
    Then, use Garmin POI Loader to install the POI information on your GPS.

    Depending on the number of locations you want to keep data on, saving them as Favorites and assigning categories may be manageable as sussamb referred to.

    The key to easily updating a POI list is to keep a working/backup file(s) on your computer. Periodically make changes to the respective file and reinstall to your GPS. Recommend you always keep a copy of this on your computer as a backup. You can never tell when your GPS will be broken, lost or stolen.

    By the way it doesn't matter if they are saved as POIs or favorites - you still may want to visit hundreds of Dunkin Donuts!
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    Well favourites are stored in a file named current.gpx in the GPX folder of your nuvi. POI Loader will convert a gpx file to a gpi file, but why not simply keep the two separate? Most people use POI files (gpi)for hundreds of similar places (eg all Dunkin Donuts) and favourites for the places they visit or want to visit. They really are two different animals.
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    Nope, not a thing there.
    Well that's weird, your Camper should read .gpi files just fine. Is it one .gpi file or a number? If more than one try doing them one at a time, doing a full restart of your Camper each time. There may be a corrupt .gpi file somewhere that is screwing things up or there may be a limit in POIs that you're hitting by transferring the lot.

    Incidentally are you sure they're not there? They may just be viewed differently on your Camper compared to your Nuvi? On my Drive they are at Where to, Categories, (scroll down), Custom POIs
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    Here's a work around you might want to try. I don't have either of your GPSs so its a guess.
    Copy your custom POI (.gpi) file(s) from the Nuvi58 to your computer. Install a (free) conversion program like POItoGPX on your computer. Run the program to convert your custom POI file(s) on your computer to a GPX file on your computer. If the conversion process corrupts the POI file on your computer - don't worry, the original on the Nuvi58 is untouched. Then run Garmin POI Loader to install the new GPX file(s) to your Camper 770 LMT-D.
    Worse case you lose a few minutes for a file. Best case, it works. It might not recreate your folder structure within a specific POI file, but it may at least save the data.
    To check the integrity of the data you can open the GPX file in Garmin MapSource (also free) and spot check select POI locations to see if they are shown on the map at their correct locations. If the custom POIs show correctly on your computer with MapSource but not on the Camper 770 LMT-D the problem might be related to the number of POIs. Did you try adding a microSD card?
    You mentioned 2 years of POIs added since using the source files with the original hundreds of POIs. Were you able to recover any of those more recent custom POIs? Is it possible the original custom POIs were overwritten when installing the newer ones?
    Hope this helps, or at least gives you some new ideas of what to try.