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  • DriveSmart 61 - NO Details?? HELP!

    ...But I decided slow internet was a reasonable price to pay for life in a secluded location way back in the woods with a wild stream, surrounded by state forest. Have never regretted that decision. :)
    Love the way you think. My feelings exactly! Life is a series of trade-offs, and life in the secluded, quiet country has been worth each of them...

  • DriveSmart 61 - NO Details?? HELP!

    It's funny, Verizon notified me that I could get FIOS at my old home about a month before I moved to my new place in 2006. But I decided slow internet was a reasonable price to pay for life in a secluded location way back in the woods with a wild stream, surrounded by state forest. Have never regretted that decision. :)
  • DriveSmart 61 - NO Details?? HELP!

    OP here! I just re-downloaded the entire map thing (almost 8 hours!) based on the first reply above! Thank you for all your help...damn machine looks like it's back to "working"...I'll check in the morning!

    Whew - what a PITA. Thanks again. Have a good night!

    Beautiful!! I now have small green icons instead of the large green favorites icon that covers the display and obscures the street detail that i like to see when navigating off main roads. Great progress in my ability to manage the DS series, and kudos to you who are much better than the Garmin support folks.

  • Nuvi 3597 - Missing heads up on upcoming delay

    > What are you using for traffic? The old style traffic receiver?
    Yes, the same one bundled with the 3597 when I purchased it.

    > but it has the same kind of traffic you can get on the Nuvi with the SmartphoneLink app
    I'll give that a try.

    Boyd and alanb, thank you both!


    WOW, success. Really appreciate your collective guidance. It worked as you say. Delete all internal storage files, edit in BaseCamp and then send favorites to the unit. Happy Here!!

    Have you a way to do a global command to change the icons? I find that my local area is covered with the large green default icons and I have found no way to turn off the Smart Drive favorites icon display or reduce them to a tolerable small dot. Hoping here!!


    just to confirm, I have repeatedly deleted selected favorites and cleared my trips and travel history on the device, but after receiving from device in basecamp, these items still show. really frustrating.
    As posted above you're doing something wrong. Confirm when you power cycle your device it is definitely empty? Then in BaseCamp only select the data you want to send to your device. I normally create a new list called nuvi update and put all the edited data in that, then once I'm happy send all the data in that to my nuvi by selecting it, right clicking and then choosing 'send to device'.

  • Android Auto.

    Does anyone have any experience with Android Auto? I searched the forum and found only one reference to Android Auto, but I may have missed some posts.

    Just today I picked up a new (2017) Kia Optima. The head unit has the Kia infotainment system called EVO which connects to your smart phone via USB cable. EVO also integrates with Google's Android Auto and gives you all the Android Auto infotainment and navigation features on top of the other features built into EVO.

    I was surprised that my cheapo Tracfone actually works well with Android Auto. It all looks pretty impressive, but I suspect for now I will stick with my nuvi 3597 for most navigation. Since Tracfone is a "pay as you go" plan, I think it will be costly with Tracfone's data usage fees to use Android Auto for navigation.

    My initial tests appear that I can pair both EVO/Android Auto and Garmin Smartphone Link for traffic on the nuvi at the same time. I am not sure what will happen with this setup though when I get a phone call or text. I wish I could turn off the telephony functions on Smartphone Link and just use the Traffic.

    I am just barely smart-phone literate, so the learning curve for the Kia Evo/Android Auto apps will be pretty steep for me. But I am keeping an open mind at this point and look forward to playing and learning.

  • etrex Vista HCx no longer sees my microSD card, conputer will not recognize it.

    Well I was at the pharmacy today and the smallest microSD they had was 32GB. Figured I'd try it. I put all the map data from the old card on the new one. It worked! I don't understand why since my computer had no problems reading the old card but whatever. So now I have 32 instead of 1gb of available space. Some day when I have absolutely nothing else to do maybe I'll put more maps on.

    At some point I will still want to try to get the computer to recognize the unit so that I can backup my waypoints. But that's not an urgent need.
  • Didn't get fastest route with Drivesmart 61

    Perhaps the most wonderful thing about humans is that they can't resist solving a mystery. :)