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  • After 30th June 2021 Traffic update stops

    Hi there Boyd, thank you for your response. Sorry for my vague sounding query.
    I intend to continue using my Nuvi 2599 for navigation, with the direct traffic updates, until that service is discontinued by Garmin on 30th June this year.
    I would still like to receive traffic updates when using my NUVI.
    The Garmin suggestion is to link my mobile (through an App), to my that I can continue to receive current traffic updates through the NUVI.
    That will utilize megabytes of data on my phone account. I am retired, and not so clued up on what various options might be available to me.
    Therefore I raised the question on this forum, out of interest to find out what other NUVI owners are planning to do after 30th June when Garmin no longer provide the traffic updates.
    Hope that maybe is clearer to everybody.
    Go With the Flow
  • Is my older Nuvi still viable?

    I have both the 2589LMT and a drivesmart55 model. The drivesmart works well with the drive app for directions and does a better job loading and calculating directions faster. The 2589 is better with directing around traffic and taking back roads when necessary. I prefer the software from the my 2589 over the drivesmart 55 in terms of alternative routes when avoiding traffic.
    Only if there was a way of transferring the algorithm software from the 2589 over to the drivesmart.
  • Garmin introduces the Montana 750i

    Screen issues aside, I felt that my Montana 600 was already at the limit of what I want to carry on a hike. The 700 looks like a really huge brick.
  • DriveSmart 65 Traffic Questions

    I commuted over 50 miles (each way) to Philadelphia for a number of years. Using the old Garmin and TomTom RDS traffic receivers, you couldn't get a signal at all until you were perhaps 25 miles from Center City.

    The internet traffic data is so much better since you get data anywhere there's cell service.

    I was able to use my new "65" on a 100+ mile round-trip today. This is an area I travel through several times per week. Previously I only used RDS on my old nuvi. I'm not even sure if other options were available. But all things considered, the RDS notifications were often inaccurate. On many occasions I received unfounded road closure notifications (and subsequent rerouting) for major freeways. It got to a point where I flat-out couldn't trust it. So today being my first experience with "live traffic" (via the connected Garmin Drive app) I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by it's accuracy and timeliness.

    So, considering the somewhat rural areas often travel through, the app-based live traffic seems to be the best bet for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which being that I rarely lose my cell data connection regardless of location.

    But regarding my original question, after doing some more research I have the impression it's up to the user to select RDS or "live" manually. In other words, the device doesn't automatically switch if the default source isn't available. When I have time to test it out I'll definitely post the results.
  • Is my older Nuvi still viable?

    Its a matter of user preference. Newer models can have better resolution, faster startup, and larger displays. The traffic information from a linked app is usually better and has much wider coverage than your Nuvi.

    On the other hand, you can customize the dashboard on your Nuvi, and it might have apps that are not included in newer Garmin models.
  • DriveSmart 65 Traffic Questions

    Garmin seems to be doing everything they can to make their website and product lineup more confusing. :D
    As for your question, no idea. But really, it should be quite easy to figure out. Just turn your phone off and see if you continue to get traffic data.
    Most of the areas where I travel are somewhat rural, so there are many trips where alerts have been few-and-far-between (with my previous nuvi). But you're right. Eventually the question will be answered by experimentation. I was just curious if anyone knew :)
  • DriveSmart 65 Traffic Questions

    Ah, I looked at the UK site, silly me. Should be able to check on the device by looking in Settings, Device, About
  • G'day to you all

    Thanks for the welcome. even if its slow it will be more to my pace as I am so slow on the up taking of info read or watched. So I should fit in well.
  • G'day to you all

    Welcome to the site!
  • North America NT Map Update

    It's nice to get the map update releases, but still nothing to get excited about. In my experience the information in the updates is still months behind what is posted on line by Google Maps, Waze Live Map, the state Department of Transportation on line maps, and even HERE Maps.