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  • Drivesmart 55/65 & Basecamp

    Thank you 'sussamp' & 'Boyd'!
    I just did what i hate...A new poster on a forum, asks a question, then never returns! My apologies to the board for my delay.
    The day i asked the question and it was answered, i went out that afternoon to buy a drivesmart 55 and returned with a 65.
    It connected with my old (XP, running Win7) desktop on first try so i was good to go. I then had my usual fight with Garmin Express, GarminMapUpdater trying to register and update my latest GPS. All done, i sent about 25 waypoints and 4 routes to the 65.
    Found where the routes and waypoints went to. The waypoints (saved area) had 2 lists. 'ALL' and 'ADDRESSES'. The ADDRESSES list has 1 name in it. Checking the properties of that 1 waypoint, revealed that I had ADDRESSES set in the category tab. Might be a good way to categorize your waypoints in the drivesmart saved items.

    Next day the computer wouldn't connect to the 65. it's been that way ever since, some days YES and some days no. Worked fine on 2 other computers, so, i guess it's a keeper.

    Thanks again
  • Magellan eXplorist 610 Review

    Well I went to take this out of the safe today for a hike, and all the coating on it was sticky like it was melting. I tried everything to clean / wipe it off. I ended up having to throw it out. Bought a Garmin 66 and it was the most inaccurate unit I've ever purchased. Just bought a 64st and so far so good. Working better than my old 60csx
  • Which GPS is better for military

    Thank you for your help
  • How to perform common tasks

    Fully agree on the need for backups, agreed they are a waste of time but how you will wish you had should the need arise, and it will sooner or later.
  • Garmin gpsmap 235 sounder

    It's an old and discontinued product. So maybe one will turn up eventually on ebay or elsewhere if you only want the same. I don't know the number of pins on your device, however for my garmin marine products, I was able to use the same power/data cable with three maybe four or more different chartplotters that were brand new products over the course of 12 years.

    I think the last garmin chart plotter I got circa 2016 did require a change, but I don't remember whether it was because of the unit having more pins or just that a reconfiguration of the boat required a longer cable and the original had be cut too short. To late to check now, unfortunately I'm without a boat now.

    So you've got a good chance, I think of finding something used on ebay of a different and newer model that will still have the same pinout. Likely, if you aren't using this in conjunction with other nema enabled devices, then you probably are only using two wires in the current cable. They are just the positive and negative power wires. Don't be afraid of a new device with more wires. Because if you still don't need it to talk to other nema enabled devices or turn on a additional alarm, then you still will only need two of the wires in the cable connected to anything.
  • nuvi 55/56 question

    Boyd, thank you very much as your fix worked. I lost my features after updating maps. That stinks that this happened following Garmin's update instructions. Phone call tomorrow....if that will meaning anything. Thxs again. FT
  • How to get POI's from Nuvi 58 to Camper 770

    You're still confused. Current.gpx does NOT contain POIs.

    If you want separate POI files (those ending in .gpi) just rename them to something memorable each time, and don't ask POI loader to delete .gpi files. I normally have 4 separate .gpi files in my POI folder.
  • Global Positioning System - 1982

    Cool. Thanks for posting it, Boyd.
  • Is Basecamp headed for extinction?

    Hmmm ... another Garmin mystery ;)
  • Drive 50 won't connect via Garmin Express

    Many have tripped over a low GPS battery try dimming your GPS screen and charging the GPS plus the way of differentiating power from data cables. Just when you think you have it nailed, it changes.

    As far as the USB world when you have some time try researching it in Wikipedia, you will find it is a minefield of variations within the standard with USB 1, 2, 3, 3.1gen 1 gen 2, PDS (power distribution standard) all on the same connectors then there is, USB Mini, Micro and their variants.
    Evolution is a wonderful thing, as is backward compatibility. Not just speed but voltage too up to 20 volts on that simple standard 5v connector with variations up to 5 amps and all standard.
    Now there is USB 3.2 and 4 on the C type connector to provide a new layer of adaptability and backward compatibility.