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  • New Garmin user has question about reading map on Etrex 20x

    I agree with your last post, especially about my original purpose in buying the Etrex. As a matter of fact, I really decided earlier that it is better to use BaseCamp to locate areas. I have a ten inch laptop originally purchased for Astronomy use, but now mainly for photography. It has a removable screen that turns it into a tablet and I have loaded it with my maps so I can use it for navigating in the car instead of the Etrex, for the reason you said (awkward to use the Etrex). It has worked out well. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  • The DriveTrack 71 - Garmin's coolest model you've never heard of

    I have to agree that the smaller icons are a huge improvement. Much better, but still not as good as the old devices like the 7xx series. I never could figure out what Garmin was trying to accomplish with those huge ugly icons. I have yet to read a post from anyone that likes them.
  • The DriveTrack 71 - Garmin's coolest model you've never heard of

    That does look better, the icons on my DS50 are certainly larger than needed.
  • How to reinstall Garmin

    Did Garmin have you do a "reset" of the Nuvi?. If so this could account for the change of colors, voices, marker, etc. All of those things can be set using the various menu items available under "Settings".

    Have you checked to insure that the SD cards you have attempted to use are formatted Fat or Fat32. Often these are default settings but some cards need to be reformatted to either Fat or Fat32.
  • The DriveTrack 71 - Garmin's coolest model you've never heard of

    I don't know why you have so many crashes with topo maps on the RV 760. My Dezl. 760 never crashed much. Are you using automotive mode with the topo maps? I think that would be more stable.
    Perhaps "crash" is not the right word. What happens is that when I have the RV760 set at around .5 miles zoom and I've driving along using either maps from gpsfiledepot or the Garmin 24k maps, after a while the scrolling map begins turning into a blank gray screen. If I zoom out to say, 1.2 miles the gray goes away and the map displays normally. It's like the unit just doesn't have enough computing power or memory to feed the screen properly at higher zoom levels. I read somewhere that the DriveTrack 71 has more computing power and I'm hoping that will fix the problem.

    And yes, I do use automotive mode. I got this unit to use with my truck/camper combo but rarely use the RV mode. Not too many low overpasses or other things like that to worry about where I live!

  • My Garmin ETrex thinks it is July 1999

    This might help

    eTrex H software version 3.60

    as of February 15, 2019

    Change History

    Changes made from version 3.40 to 3.60:
    •Fix incorrect time date issue caused by GPS week number roll-over on ST BRAVO3H
  • Sorting Imported Trips on a DriveSmart 51

    Minor technicallity, routes are the route you plan to travel, trips are a record of where you have been stored in gpx format in the "current" file on your GPS.
    I disagree. Garmin's automotive devices no longer use "routes". That terminology was abandoned many years ago when Garmin introduced the "trip planner". But this all gets very confusing, because handheld GPS units still use "routes". And handhelds also record "track logs" but automotive devices call these "trip logs".
  • Is Basecamp headed for extinction?

  • FYI - GPS date rollover

    This thread is relevant:

    I know of at least one government agency that has lots of integrated GPS devices in remote locations that were found susceptible to pretty much the exact same bug. Long story short, even when the original manufacturer wrote a firmware fix they were a massive pain to update not only because of their remote location, but because the government typically doesn't give employees administrative access to their computer, which they discovered was required to run the firmware update.
  • FYI - GPS date rollover

    We briefly discussed the week rollover problem a while back in this thread: The consensus seemed to be that Garmin had addressed this issue in most of its modern devices.