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  • Garmin introduces the Montana 750i

    I wonder how on Earth Garmin tests these units prior to production runs. The 276CX ran like a slug, obvious the first and last time I used it. Now the next premium model the 700 series seems not bright enough unless the transflective screen is lit up by direct sunlight.

    Guess the 680T is going to stay on the bars a bit longer!

  • Garmin forum

    My strategy is to update once a year. Usually when the spring update rolls out. Release date is not set in stone as indicated in this thread - . So sometime in the first half of the year or before a long road trip.

    Over the last year we've had some changes. Several traffic circle intersections have been converted from 4 way stops.

    The above harmony/23 is also a traffic circle (and shown correctly on the 2021.20 maps), but google maps appears a bit outdated. Odd. The main purpose of a gps is to assist you in unfamiliar areas, so it makes sense to try to have the most recent maps.

  • Garmin forum

    Wasn't there something said that if you didn't update your device at least every two years that you might lose your free lifetime update?

    I've never looked to see if that was factual, but seems like someone put that out in a post a while back.

    But as for needing to update your maps regardless of having to pay or not, I see that the same as the 20 year old Rand McNally paper atlas I sometimes look at to get a quick idea of where things are.

    As well, some of us know where to go intuitively, others are lucky to find their mailbox from their front door. So a person needs to assess which of those they most match.
  • Garmin introduces the Montana 750i

    Sorry for the long silence. I hadn’t seen any chatter on this thread. I’m following Garmin Forum as well as Advrider. Solved the maps on MicroSD not showing up in Configure Maps: it’s a 700i bug with 32G cards. I used a 16G and everything worked (Same 32G worked in Montana 680t)
    Finally got AMPS rugged mounts 2 days ago and was alerted to the 700 series using 5V to power it, not 12V like the 680t. The mount has a voltage converter between battery connections and the cradle. My 3 ATV’s have 12V available at the handlebars so I can swap my 680t from toy to toy. Gotta do more wiring so each can power the 700i.
    All that said, I rigged up the mount temporarily and took my first spin last night. In night mode I ended up turning the brightness down 50%. This morning I got it out in mostly sunny conditions. At full brightness and wearing sunglasses it is harder to see map details when in shadow than the 680t. I am 64 with 1.75 reading glasses on as I type this. No corrective lenses while riding. I can see my 4 data fields on the map screen just fine and my yellow X waypoints as I approach them on the map but it’s not as bright as the 680t. With direct light hitting the screen it is very bright and much better in my opinion than the 680t in that scenario. The advrider thread mentioned the 700i having a “transreflective “ screen.
    The touchscreen is a definite improvement and overall I like the unit. I’m usually glancing at data fields, curious about time, temp, elevation and trip odometer (fuel range) while riding. Other than approaching a marked point or following a track I don’t stare at the map much while dodging rocks and ruts at 30mph. If I’m confused I’d pull over and put the cheaters on to study the map so the dimmer screen is not a dealbreaker for me. YMMV
  • 2021.10 NT EU problems

    The complete EU map is split into two map files, North and South. If you only have one then you don't have the whole of the EU map.
  • Garmin eTrex - Creating a trail map using track recordings

    It will not seem strange if you become more familiar with the technology.
    Yes, I am researching more on the topic to gain a better understanding, thanks a lot for taking the time to give me all this detailed information, it is very much appreciated! :)
  • Garmin eTrex - Creating a trail map using track recordings

    Thanks, those look fine. However, this is not at all comparable to the examples I gave. The aerial image is zoomed way out. Look at the distance scale in the example I posted above - click on it to see full size. If you zoom in that far on your track, I'm sure you will see very noticeable variations between tracks recorded at different times.

    I certainly agree that the tracks in your example are more than adequate for someone who wants to follow a road on a hike. That is not the same as making an accurate map of a small area that looks good when zoomed way in.

    Again, nothing against the eTrex. I just think there are better tools for the project that @xarielle wants to undertake.
  • Garmin eTrex - Creating a trail map using track recordings

    I made an old post about this issue at GPSFileDepot, including some screenshots

    The pink lines in this image are the high resolution trails. The blue lines are the result of converting them to a Garmin .img file. To be fair, these have been zoomed in extemely close, but that is what I wanted for my map

  • Change Font Size Inquiry Zumo 660

    I'll bet they would.

    Barring any radical performance and feature upgrade in their dedicated GPS devices, I'm not likely to get a newer Garmin. I'll probably keep using the Zumo 660 until its end of usefulness.

    I still use it because of it's durability, weather resistance, and glove-sensitive screen, along with the fact that a lot of my favorites are already programmed in it, plus what the heck, I already own it.

    Cellular phones and apps have caught up in many ways. The Garmin POI search is woefully slow and inadequate by comparison, too. (I use an app which works offline, so I'm not tied to the interwebs.)

    My phone GPS used to be the backup for my Garmin. It's soon going to be the other way around.

    Times change. :-)
  • Change Font Size Inquiry Zumo 660


    It looks like it's a "deal with it" situation. 8-|

    It's normally not too bad most of the time when the directions are simple, but when I see that I have to choose:
    US380/US27 South Hassayampa Viaduct (I made that up :\"> )
    among a choice of closely-spaced spaghetti interchanges coming up at 65MPG in bright wash-out conditions with heavy traffic...while on a motorcycle...

    So I'll deal with it, then. :|