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  • Garmin GPS III Plus date problem

    Hi Guys.

    I have a GARMIN GPS III (not plus), and I had the 1995 problem (mine was showing may) that you seem to have.

    I discovered it could be a combination of the Y2K bug, and the End of Week problem. Apparently around in 1999, the way GPS was operating needed to be updated, so they changed a few things in the method. The End-Of Week issue was solved by an update for GARMIN GPS units (including the GPS III).

    I found a link at that (near the bottom) spoke about the end-of-week problem. The Readme file from Garmin (and the Zip file) are linked, but it links to:


    Zip File:

    I know this says GPS38, but it seems it was a generic problem in many units (one program to fix all), and the software seems OK on my GPS III

    I had the serial cable for the PC, so I powered up my GPS, attached it to the computer, and ran the GPSEOW file on my PC. After I got the serial port working in (COM1 - COM4, rather than COM5 I had by default), it connected, and updated my GPS. It now has Jan 2015 (correctly)!

    It does need to autolocate after the update, so having an antenna and the sky handy is useful, but that seemed to behave OK after it got a fix.

    So, even with my Win8.1 PC, and a USB-Serial adapter in 2015. I can get it to update fine.

    Hope that helps someone else.

  • etrex30 warnings

    Are you using a Route and a routeable map? It sounds like you are. If so and you set the via point to " dose not alert" it won't alert the point however it will still alert you to turns. If you go into "setup" then "Tones" then "Early Turn Waring" and "Final Turn Warning" you can set them both to off. You can also go into "Proximity Alarms" from the tone menu.Then turn on "Proximity Tones" you can set tones or turn them off for "Proximity Alarm", "Approaching Proximity Alarm" and "Leaving Proximity Alarm". Then from the main menu go into "Waypoint manager" Select the waypoint you would like to alarm by pushing in on the joy stick. Then push the "menu" button then go into "Set Proximity" You can then set how close you would like to be when it alarms.
  • Micro Disk for Garmin Nuvi 50LM?

    I did create a lot of "weeds"........ <<grin>> I just can't help myself, sometimes tangent paths are to irresistible for me.
  • Have I Been Done

    According to Garmin, this is the coverage of the UK and Ireland map. As for the rest, I'd say that's between you and the place where you bought it…

  • Changing route(s)

    The 3597 uses via points as destinations by default but it's more than simple to change them to shaping points if you are using trip planner. Just load your trip and the list of via points screen appears on the screen that has the Map and GO icons on it. Tap the "FLAG" to the left of any of the waypoints between the starting point and the end point and the Nuvi will ask you if you want to change the waypoint to a shaping point. Say yes and your good to go.
  • Have I Been Done

    The vendor you bought it from is the first place you should look. If for whatever reason Garmin shows the id of this specific device as only having a limited mapset, then that will only be problematic for future updates. So you need to ensure the vendor sold you what you bought.
  • ETREX 30X - Can I move an installed Topo map to my SD card and still use it?

    Well I tried it and it works.
    For the benefit of others who must be in the same situation where the installed map fills the devices (Etrex 30X) internal memory and are new to all this as I am this is what I did.

    The disclaimer is to obviously make sure you are comfortable with and understand the following steps and most importantly can retrieve the situation if it goes wrong. I did quite a bit of searching through these forums to get an idea of the files I needed to move about.

    With the device connected to your PC use your PC's File explorer to see the internal files individually.
    Copy the following files - gmapprom img, gmapprom.gma and gmapprom.unl This is a very slow process, think it took nearly an hour.
    Paste them to a new folder on your PC. This is effectively a back up in case you lose the files some how. I also put a copy of the whole internal hard drive onto a separate hard drive as a diverse back up just in case.
    On the SD card fitted to the etrex I already had a folder named GARMIN with no files in it similar to gmapprom so I just pasted the gmapprom. img, gma and unl files straight into it.
    Then I deleted the gmapprom img, gma and unl files on the etrex internal drive.

    That's it , the etrex may be a little slower to boot up but it does and all my maps seem to work both on the device and on Basecamp.

    This forum is a tremendous resource thanks for the help.

  • Monterra spinning map

    Just like the wind, some days I get lots of drift, sometimes none at all. :)
  • Problems Creating Routes in Garmin Basecamp

    from david to keefo. having very similar problems - did you manage to resolve??
  • Navteq maps - paved footpath routes?

    Well that's a strange question ...

    If you know the route from your home to the town centre is there any need for you to worry about this?