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  • Garmin GPS III Plus date problem

    Hi Guys.

    I have a GARMIN GPS III (not plus), and I had the 1995 problem (mine was showing may) that you seem to have.

    I discovered it could be a combination of the Y2K bug, and the End of Week problem. Apparently around in 1999, the way GPS was operating needed to be updated, so they changed a few things in the method. The End-Of Week issue was solved by an update for GARMIN GPS units (including the GPS III).

    I found a link at that (near the bottom) spoke about the end-of-week problem. The Readme file from Garmin (and the Zip file) are linked, but it links to:


    Zip File:

    I know this says GPS38, but it seems it was a generic problem in many units (one program to fix all), and the software seems OK on my GPS III

    I had the serial cable for the PC, so I powered up my GPS, attached it to the computer, and ran the GPSEOW file on my PC. After I got the serial port working in (COM1 - COM4, rather than COM5 I had by default), it connected, and updated my GPS. It now has Jan 2015 (correctly)!

    It does need to autolocate after the update, so having an antenna and the sky handy is useful, but that seemed to behave OK after it got a fix.

    So, even with my Win8.1 PC, and a USB-Serial adapter in 2015. I can get it to update fine.

    Hope that helps someone else.

  • etrex30 warnings

    Are you using a Route and a routeable map? It sounds like you are. If so and you set the via point to " dose not alert" it won't alert the point however it will still alert you to turns. If you go into "setup" then "Tones" then "Early Turn Waring" and "Final Turn Warning" you can set them both to off. You can also go into "Proximity Alarms" from the tone menu.Then turn on "Proximity Tones" you can set tones or turn them off for "Proximity Alarm", "Approaching Proximity Alarm" and "Leaving Proximity Alarm". Then from the main menu go into "Waypoint manager" Select the waypoint you would like to alarm by pushing in on the joy stick. Then push the "menu" button then go into "Set Proximity" You can then set how close you would like to be when it alarms.
  • Micro Disk for Garmin Nuvi 50LM?

    I did create a lot of "weeds"........ <<grin>> I just can't help myself, sometimes tangent paths are to irresistible for me.
  • Can Garmin 51LM saved trips be sorted?

    Well if you have the patience you can sort them by scheduling the trip, scheduled trips are sorted in time order so a trip scheduled to start at, for example, 1000 will appear after a trip with an earlier scheduled time.
  • express not recognising nuvi

    tried my Nuvi 2797via one of these meters plugged into my USB3 port with a fully charged GPS and it shows 4.85V with a current starting at 0.880A (880 mA) settling down to 770mA.
    That could be a hefty drain on many a computer port and it is recommended that the GPS be fully charged before connecting to a PC.
    Lowering the screen brilliance to about 50% reduced the consumption to 330mA, this could be a simple solution if power consumption is the issue.
    I will do a bit more experimentation as I have experienced many false start attempting Nuvi connect to W10 and just persevered, maybe it is time to track it down.

  • Magellan Triton RMP Maker

    Just send me an email and I will send you the program.

    Maybe some modmin would add it ti downloads section somewhere if there is any,
    This program is impossible to find online but can be helpful to many many people.

    You can also contact me directly through my website:

    Best regards,
  • Distance hiked .......... in feet, yards, etc.

    Just over 14, 15th day's hike was just 9 miles ... first time I did it I had 27 miles on the 15th day so did it quicker this year :)
  • Looking for help selecting the right GPS for me.

    I'm not a fan of the 24k Garmin maps. Also not a fan of the 100k, because in my area they have been very poor. I have a copy of new version that came with my DriveTrack 71. I removed it first thing when I got the GPS and just archived the file on my computer. I put the 3gb of space to better use on the GPS with aerial imagery. One difference with the Overlander is that it has 64gb of internal memory - the most Garmin has ever used. The DriveTrack has 16gb. The Montana 680t (which includes the 100k topo, but not City Navigator) has 8gb, and the Montana 610 (with no maps included) only has 4gb. All Garmin devices can be upgraded with micro SD memory cards but internal flash memory is a little faster to access. As a practical matter, that makes very little difference however.

    Regarding the 24k maps, I think they make more sense for somebody with a device like the Montana 610, which doesn't include any maps. The 24k topo will give you standard road POI's (gas stations, restaurants, etc) and turn-by-turn directions just like Garmin City Navigator. So it can be a multi-purpose map for driving and hiking. As for the contour lines, if you're on foot you typically zoom way in since you move more slowly. I think the contours are probably reasonably spaced at the 300 foot map scale, but if you're driving with the map zoomed at to .2 miles, they can make a mess out of the display. :)

    Have not looked at the 100k topo for a long time, but if you zoom in to 300 feet, I also suspect that roads and trails with have points that are spaced farther apart than the 24k maps, which would show a bit more detail. But I've never looked at maps of Nevada, so I just don't know. And at driving speed, you zoom father out so fine details don't matter as much.

    You can still post photos here the same as always. It's photobucket that changed, not gpsreview. Just find another site that lets you upload photos and link directly to the image files.
  • Next Garmin software / map updates?

    Dedicated GPS devices are a slowly dying product category. It has been going on for many years and no doubt will continue until the inevitable end. :(
  • Navteq maps - paved footpath routes?

    Well that's a strange question ...

    If you know the route from your home to the town centre is there any need for you to worry about this?