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update confirmed, dvd's out next week

Kayrac 0 Points
log onto dash forums to get it



  • lords 0 Points
    so where is this dvd at?
    also a new battery...can i make one up?
    also does anyone have a manual on this?
    so i know what the usb part does(drivers)
    and can the WIFI be used seeing though the service is gone now?
  • lords 0 Points
    hello? so i take it this forum is dead now?
    weeks without and answer...hmmmm
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Yes, in fact Dash service completely ended a few weeks ago.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    hello? so i take it this forum is dead now?
    Did you see the date on the thread you were responding to? :) Yes, that DVD is very old now.
  • lords 0 Points
    yes i can read quite mater what the date was ...all i was asking for was where i can get this info at...
    thanks for the reply though...
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