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audio books

Can you get audio books for the nuvi from anyone other than

I don't want a monthly fee. I want to just buy individual books when i want to.

It seems the offer that comes with the 755T is for a monthly fee operation and I'm not going to do that.

Hopefully we can buy books other places. I hope.


  • alanb 419 Points
    edited December 2008
    I downloaded some free books (public domain) from in MP3 format, then created m3u playlist files. I listen to them with the MP3 player instead of the Audible player. It works just fine.
  • How did you make the m3u playlist files?
  • There are some free m3u creators available.

    I'd like to be able to load audio books and play them using my Nuvi's Audio Books menus. This will make bookmarking possible (MP3 menu doesn't show bookmarks but Audible Books does).

    Anyone know how to do this without buying Audible Books? I listen to a lot of books from my local library (Overdrive) and from Librevox on my Sansa Clip.

    I suspect it's an issue of putting the files in the correct directory. I don't have an SD card yet, but will get one for books. Some of the m3u file makers mention bookmarks... I don't know whether bookmarks go over to the Nuvi or not.
  • I just looked on my Nuvi and find that it has a directory called "AUDIBLE" that holds some sample files with .AA extentions. It's beginning to look like that's a proprietary file extension used by Audible Books. So far I haven't found a converter but will continue to look.

    My plan is to convert MP3s to .AAs (if possible) and load them on an SD card so the Nuvi will deal with them using the bookmark-able Nuvi menu system...
  • alanb 419 Points
    I just used Windows Media Player to create the m3u playlist. It is not the default for Windows Media Player, so you have to do a "Save as" and select that file type. I then had to edit (with Notepad) the playlist file and remove the computer's folder name from the files. I am sure there are more strait forward ways with other media players ... but it only takes a few seconds per playlist to edit it.
  • It looks like .AA is a proprietary file format and thus conversion from MP3 or WMA isn't available.. Listening to books in MP3 (or using m3u playlists) makes bookmarking hard or impossible. Guess I'll use my Sansa Clip when listening to audio books in the car. The Clip always remembers where you stopped reading (err... listening).

    I use my Clip all the time for Librevox and local library Overdrive books at home. I bought a bunch of Clips on Woot for Christmas gifts for about $16 each. Works for me.
  • alanb 419 Points
    I agree Wildman63 that it would be nice to have the bookmark feature of the Audible player when playing MP3 playlists. It is too bad that the Garmin MP3 player doesn't have a bookmark function in the MP3 player. It does however remember your position in the currently playing playlist and picks up where you left off. Of course if you switch between playlists or play other music files, you lose that one position marker.
  • Certainly better than making me start the book over when I shut it off as with many older MP3 players.

    Thanks for the information. :D
  • Pinchuk 0 Points
    I use MelodyCan to convert audiobooks . Works Perfect . ))
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