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Nextar M3-03 GPS

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My wife and I weren't going to give each other Christmas presents because we spent a couple of thousand on a new LCD TV and furniture for it in Oct. She was at FYE with her oldest son and saw this. With rebates and the son's "loyalty discount" it ended up around $70.00. Normally she would not buy a technical gadget for me but at this price she figured if I didn't like it she would use it or give it to a kid. I've used marine GPS and in rental cars but this is my first unit for a car. I was thinking of a Garmin Nuvi 255 when the bank account recovers a little from Christmas but I have to say this Nextar seems to do everything I need it to. I know it's current production because it was made in Oct 2008 but I don't know if it's a recent model or not. One address I tried to find in a 3 yo subdivision was not in the database. In fact the road wasn't even there. So, the model is M3-03, anyone have one of these? Used one? Like it if you have it?

Edit to add:

I called Nextar tech support to try and get any info on new maps. I had to wait on hold 5-10 minutes before a young woman answered. I learned that my M3-03 has maps from 3rd quarter 2007, not exactly current but not as bad as some people claim. She also told me they hope to have map updates available on the website by March and will defintitely have them by July. I asked about processor and gps chip and she didn't know and didn't know any way to find out. I still think Nextar has a chance if they make map updates available and address their quality control and customer service issues.

Last edit:

It's now 3/2010 and the Nextar has quit taking a charge. It will still work in the car if plugged in but the kids have quit using it and borrow mom or dad's Nuvi 255 if going somewhere they may need a GPS. Nextar has also failed to make any map updates available and last call to CS had me on hold for 20 minutes. At this point I would not recommend them to anyone even at the current price of $50.00


  • Have a question.

    Does anyone know what GPS chip is in the Nextar M3-03?

    Nextar mentions Sirf on their website and I'm guessing it's the Sirf Star III chip. I've seen it searching for up to 17 satellites so it appears to be a 20 channel receiver. Side by side on my desk at my computer it gets a fix much faster than my Garmin 255. The Nextar usually has a lock in less than a minute while the Garmin takes a couple to several minutes. Installed in the car they both get a satellite lock almost instantly.
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    I have the Nextar X3-08. I have been using it since NOv. 08. I paid $80.00 for it at Kohl's after $20.00 rebate. Now for the nuts and bolts. I have used it around my town to find soccor clubs, basketball games, washing machine parts dealer and it has performed flawlessly. It locks onto satellites intstanly in my home. My son said the Garmin user said I would not be able to get a single indoors. I just got back from a trip to Kansa City MO. and again it worked perfectly. We did a three day casino trip and if you are familiar with that area you will know how hard it is to navigate. I love the way I can put my destinations and see which one I want to use. Nextar is the only one I know of that gives you four options. They are Quickest. Major, Shortest and Local. Local is great for getting around your town without fooling with highways. Most Garmins have only two options. The screen gives you so much information. How fast you are going, how many the trip is and how long to get there. Missed your street, don't worry, it recalculates instantly. Much more to report. Running out of space.
  • joo11 0 Points
    For those that might be confuse, the Nextar X3-03/X308 are consider the same gps by Nextar. The difference is the X3-08 has the maps loaded on a sd card that you insert in the sd slot. The only thing I hope is that Nextar understands what a great product they have and supports it with firmware and map updates.
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