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MN6 versus MN7

ssole 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
As a novice I have no idea what that upgrade means regarding my 2100max. I just updated Freshmaps Q4 - is that all I need to concern myself with?


  • If you have POI-Warner running under MN|6, do NOT upgrade to MN|7. It will kill POI-Warner and keep it from running.

  • ssole 0 Points
    POI-Warner - what is that? Some kind of add on for more POI's. Please explain.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Used to give you an alert to user set poi's. A "warner" of an upcoming POI
  • ssole 0 Points
    So if I don't try to add any POI's I don't need to worry about a Warner? Should I just rely on Navigon adding POI's down the road?
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Rumor Mill says they will.
  • Hope they at least add Sam's Clubs... they don't appear in the POIs right now even though all Wal-Marts do...weird...

  • Can't you just update the map to the latest version while keeping MN6 and POI-Warner3?
  • ssole 0 Points
    I upgraded to Freshmaps Q4 on my 2100max ,but noticed on my SD card that MN-6 is being used. I had no trouble with the download, but others said that you needed MN-7 to do so. I find this very confusing. I assume that since Q4 installed I don't need to worry about MN-7 - correct?
  • rabbas 0 Points
    would you mind to help me how I can get q4 an installed it on my navigon 2100
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