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My dealings with customer support getting a unit repaired

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Ok, I got an 8100 (US version) but it had a "hot pixel" so Navigon replaced it, but they replaced it with the 8110 (EU version and I am in the US and it came from Navigon US). The 8110 won't work with the SD card that came with my 8100. I called Navigon and they are sending a new card because they keep telling me that the SD card I have I updated with old software with Fresh. I told them that yes Fresh updated the MN7 software to a new version, which they told me didn't exist, and it worked fine with my 8100. On the 8110, the initial menu screen is completely different and the 8110 apparently has a remote control option that the 8100 doesn't. I asked where the core software is that runs the device and they said it is on the SD card, but couldn't explain why the same card seemed to have different menus depending on the unit it was in.

UPDATE: When calling to find out why the card wasn't delivered as they said it would be, I explained my situation to the new rep and she also said the card would fix the problem. I tried again to explain that this unit was reporting it was a 8110 and she swore on everything holly (not really) that that was impossible. After getting VERY frustrated that I wasn't being listened to I just said "fine" and hung up. About 30min later a manager from Navigon support called me and said that several of the managers had been "talking" and were curious to hear more about what I was experiencing. I ask him if the 8100 and the 8110 were hardware identical and he said no they were not. The 8110 has an FM transmitter that will broadcast MP3 and bluetooth handsfree to a radio. I told him this unit had a FM transmitter and he said what I was seeing was a software UI. So I asked him to humor me and went to my car. He was speechless when he hear the Navigon test MP3 being played out of my car speakers. He apologized several times for support not believing me and said he would send me a new unit overnight and I would have it the next day. Apparently, they got a shipment of 8110s from Taiwan by mistake and had sent me one. The next day the overnight didn't show and I called back. I was told by a rather rude rep that the package had not been pickup up on their end yet and I needed to be patient. She also told me the new SD card (which I had received that day) they sent me would fix the problem. I had to go through the story of talking to the manager and was told, "SIR, the manger is the one that added the note that the SD card will fix it" so I asked to speak with the same manager that called me. This time he was not pleasant like before. He told me the SD card WOULD fix the problem. I had gotten the new SD card and it DID NOT fix it and I told him that. His response was, "WELL, we are sending you a new unit so you are going to have to wait, UPS had already picked up when we spoke last night." I asked him why he told me I would have it the next day and he ignored the question.

As it turns out, the SD card with the 8100 software works just fine, the problem is that the autorunce.exe file starts a user menu on the 8110 where you choose either the navigator, the mp3 player, or the picture viewer. There is a config file that tells that menu where the navigator software is and it was pointing to the wrong path. I ended up installing a free 3rd party menu system which allows you to load WinCE directly, along with other applications. I told the new menu where to find the navigon.exe file and it worked no problem. Only now I have to send the 8110 back because they sent me a new 8100.

I discovered that the 8110 also had a remote (purchased separately), because there was a setting for it in the options, but I don't know if it would work with the 8100. I can't even find the remote for purchase anywhere so I'm not sure if it is even on the market yet.
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