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Lost my *$*#& maps card

thereisnospoon 0 Points
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OK, long story so I'll condense it. Got my Navigon 2100 in January ( 2008 ), had issues, sent it in March because traffic wasn't working. Got it back, never worked. Called Navigon, had them swap out the charger thinking it was that. Well I dealt with the unit not working. Finally in December I figured enough was enough, called them and they told me to send it in again. Got it back yesterday.

BUT - - - I took the card out before I shipped it, and now have no idea where it is. Worst thing - - I have no backups. How in the h*** can I get it back? I can't download Freshmaps update to an empty card, can I? Am I screwed? Someone please help!!


  • Ken-55 0 Points
    You can load everything you need to a blank card. I'd go with a 4 GB SDHC if I were you. Just put the card in your computer (or a card reader) and log on to the "My Navigon" website and go to "Software Update". You may get a message that it's a non-Navigon card, just continue. It will put everything you need on the blank card.
  • Awesome - thanks - worked like a charm. Downloaded the software and installed it to a new 4GB PNY SDHC card, created download in Navigon Fresh and it works just fine! Question - if I downloaded this from the website, does it include the Q4 version of the maps?
  • Question - if I downloaded this from the website, does it include the Q4 version of the maps?
    Most likely, no. Currently they have Q3, with Q4 supposedly out by the end of this month or maybe early February. At least that's what Navigon support told me when I called them about my 5100max.
  • Thanks, I'll freshmap to Q4 just in case.
  • Hi Guys,
    How did you manage to d/l to a blank card?
    When I try I just get a message telling me no Navigon software was found on the card and to insert a card containing MN software.
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