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Nuvi 350 v. Magellan 860T

I've narrowed down an exhaustive search for a GPS to the Nuvi 350 and the Magellan 860T.

1. Has anyone had the opportunity to try out both -- I'd love your opinions
2. Does the Nuvi offer a way to repeat a direction once given?
3. Is the touchscreen easy to use while driving -- the icons seem a bit small for masculine fingers

Any insight would be much-appreciated. This is to be an Xmas gift for my boyfriend, so I want to get him a good one.


  • Tim 1486 Points
    Patty - here is a page where you can compare the two devices side-by-side:

    Even if the operator has big hands, managing the touch screen shouldn't be difficult. Of course it is safer for anyone to pull over to operate the device rather than trying to use it while driving. Also in this case both of the devices you are looking at have the same size screen.
  • Tim 1486 Points
    Patty, have you made a decision yet? Do you need any additional info?
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