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POI editor for Mac

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Hi Folks,
Does anyone know of a POI editing program that will work on a Mac? I want to be able to somehow combine separate categories so that I can have categories within categories, if that makes sense. That is, like sub-folders within a root folder. There is no way to edit categories at all on the TT XL, but I feel sure there must be third party software out there that will do it. POIedit seems to be Windows only, is that right?



  • The TomTom itself doesn't allow subcategories so no third party POI editor type application could build them.
  • Thanks for the reply Tim. Does that mean even for custom POIs? That's a shame, as everyone is used to organising directories, browser bookmarks, etc, in this manner.

    In any case, is there any Mac POI editing software? It would be nice to at least be able to combine .ov2 files.

  • You can organize them into categories-- just not subcategories. There are programs for Mac that can work with POI files, like GPSBabel and Garmin's POI Editor. But I don't know of anything that can combine POI files specifically. It would be fairly easy to convert the OV2 to a text format, combine, and then convert back though. GPSBabel can do the conversion.
  • Thanks, I'll give that a try.
  • Matt,

    I've own a PowerBook and have been exactly where you are. I tried every option I could come up with and discovered that there's really only one reliable solution. Unfortunately it requires that you purchase a copy of VMWare's Fusion for Mac and if you can get your hands on a copy of Windows 7 RC you won't have to purchase a Windows OS until next spring. I've ran Fusion with both XP & VISTA but have been most pleased with Windows 7. Load VMFusion followed by the OS you choose and you are ready to go. I use the following programs and can do anything I need: GeePeeEx, Extra POI Editor and the most valuable if you have to convert to multiple formats, GPS Converter - multi-format converter by Mc & Renoix. I also loaded MapSource, Topo 2008, Delorme Streets & Topo 7. On the Mac side I've installed BaseCamp, Garmin Trip, RouteBuddy, MacPro and POI Organizer. I find however, I do most of my work with POI's on the Windows side because they are just better designed programs. Hopefully someday we will have the same valuable options on the Mac side. This is not the cheap route but it's the most reliable route I've come across yet. I hope this information helps.
  • Thanks very much for that detailed info Oldmanwheeler. Since I never did find a way to really do what I wanted, it sounds like what you suggest might be worth a try - if I can bare to wrestle with Windows... I've seen some of the programs you mention and will try to get hold of a couple. I've gotten pretty used to the cumbersome system the TomTom uses, but it really needs to be updated to better match the way everyone works with browsers, desktops, etc. Just common sense, I would have thought. But I have so many POIs that I use now, it might make sense to try what you're doing.

    Thanks again for the reply.

  • Matt,

    I'll be happy to help you get the correct programs setup. It sounds like you are doing pretty much the same things I'm doing. My focus right now is to create a database of Iowa's historical markers and events before they disappear forever. If only I new how to write a Mac program, I think I have a good idea of the "perfect" program. What you are going to fine is that the programs I name are excellent programs but everyone of them fall short in different areas so depending on what you want to do will dictate which program you need to use. You may have to use two or three programs to get the end results you want. The good news is that at least we can do it that way now. Hopefully in the future someone will figure out the need for a program that will do it all.

    Send me a PM with you email and I'll send you a complete list of programs I use and some of my favorite web sites for finding waypoints & POI's.

    If you can get your hand on a Windows 7 RC I highly recommend you go that route. A free route you might look at is instead of VM Fusion take a look at Virtual Box. It's free but it has some small quirks like it's only 3/4 screen and it's a little jerky but they are not to far away from offering a good virtual PC. Another option that I would not hesitate to give a try is BootCamp. It's already on your PowrBook and all you have to do is install a windows OS. Why am I not using it? Because you have to be in either Mac or Windows, you cannot run a Mac program and a Windows program at the same time. But from a cost stand point it might be your best option. Let me know if I can be of any help.
  • Thanks again for all that. I'll first have to see if I can find a copy of Windows 7 RC and then see if if I think it's worth it. I'd probably try the BootCamp option first, since I already have it as you say, and see if some of these programs seem to be useful. I had put the whole thing aside for want of software and it's not quite the issue it would be for you with your project, but still it's annoying that it's so difficult to arrange POIs in any kind of logical hierarchy. Seems pretty basic to me, but there you are...

    Thanks again for the input.

  • Matt,
    Did you ever get your POI's organized the way you wanted. I be interested to hear what you came up with.

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