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Oh oh. I accidentally deleted the basemap - gmapbmap.img

I know I should have backed my files up before I started fiddeling, but stupid as I am, I did not. I've got a brandnew Nuvi 550. Is there a way for me to dowload or get this from somewhere? Can I get it from Garmin or if I get the new 2009.1 update, will it contain this file? I found some torrent websites that seems to have the gmapbmap for download, but I can't find the one with the same file size, but maybe it's because they are zipped. The file I accidentally deleted was 104 MB.

I really need some help, please. Thanks. Gary


  • Boyd 2002 Points
    I'd guess that the 550 uses the new Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap. I don't think this is available for (legal) download, but there is an older one here:

    Instead of running the installer you would need to extract the file and copy to your nuvi directly. Guessing this would work, but will not have the 3d terrain features of the correct map. Google may find something else, if you search for the right thing...

    But really, since it was just an honest mistake, try calling Garmin and see what they say. They might require you to return the unit however. I doubt they will send you the file. But I know they also have a way to remotely connect to your computer and install things on your Nuvi while it's connected, so they might do it that way.
  • if you only deleted the map image the 2009.1 update should reload it with the NEW 2009.1 version You can not use a Map image from another Garmin its locked to that units ID # , You can load it on your unit BUT when you boot up Your GPS it will say "CAN'T UNLOCK MAP"
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    You can load it on your unit BUT when you boot up Your GPS it will say "CAN'T UNLOCK MAP"
    That is true for the City Navigator maps, but I don't think it is for the basemap. Or at least, it is not the case with earlier basemaps like the one I linked to. We are talking about apples and oranges here. The 2009 map update is City Navigator.
  • You may be correct I was thinking about the gmapprom.img
  • Have you tried some of the file or delete file recovery program.. Google and try some. I used Convar (free download) in the past to recover some deleted images of a flash card.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    It's too late to help now, but this should be a good reminder for everybody to back up their Nuvi's periodically....
  • poin2 0 Points
    I've had success recovering things with Recuva in the past (, depending on how much your fiddling may have totally overwritten things. The software is free.

    Some places say the basemap will return with a hard reset of the unit.

    Otherwise I'd contact Garmin or use things like the 3.01 already referenced here. You should probably worry more about date (for recency/accuracy) than size.

    104MB is likely the "Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap 2.00" which I believe is geared towards Europe.

    I believe the main other one out there is the "AMR Autoroute Basemap NR 2.00" which is only 6MB and geared towards the Americas.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    104MB is likely the "Worldwide Autoroute DEM Basemap 2.00" which I believe is geared towards Europe.
    No, it's just what the title implies. It is a map of the world with 3d terrain data:


    Kinda cool if your Nuvi can use it (2x5, 5x0, 7x5, 8x0, 8x5 and 5000 series... are there others?)


    But aside from the novelty, I don't think it will matter a lot unless you are travelling outside the US and want a very crude map.
  • poin2 0 Points
    Perhaps I got the name wrong with the "DEM" part when trying to figure out what it was?

    I'm not readily finding a reference to it again, but believe there's a more comprehensive worldwide basemap out there that includes more European road detail and the like. I remember noting it as just over 100MB as opposed to the 6MB or so of the standard "AMR" (Americas) basemap. Perhaps it's a more comprehensive basemap for European units?
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    DEM = Digital Elevation Model

    I think that 100+ MB size is correct. The elevation data causes the map to be pretty large. It is standard on the newer models which I listed above. But all of the basemaps have very crude levels of detail. Something is better than nothing however if you just want to find a major city or a road in a foreign country.

    The screenshots above are from my Nuvi 5000 FWIW
  • Winch 0 Points
    Hi, I just wanted to thank you guys for the help and thought I'd provide an update. I first tried the recovery software and was quite impressed with it (esp. for possible future use), but it did not find the deleted file. I then contacted Garmin and after they connected directly to my computer, they downloaded the file on my device. Great service. It was indeed 104 MB, so everything is working again. I backed up all my files now, so lessen learned. Thanks again.
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