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Kudos to Navigon Customer Service!!

cornfieldcraig 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I just want to give a big THANK YOU to Navigon's Customer Support. I was completely blown away by how helpful Navigon has been in resolving any issues I have encountered with the two units I own. I hate to be unspecific, but what they did for me was so extraordinary, I'm reluctant to provide the details, as I doubt they could afford to do the same for every customer. But trust me, I'm not a shill for them -- just a very satisfied customer. :D

There are a few examples of great customer service on their part, though, that I can readily share.

The first is the version 1.2 software and map upgrade that they have made available for free. It's not so much the software upgrade, because if the previous version was deficient, they owe it to their customers to fix it, which they did. But in the process, they went the extra mile and updated the maps as well.

The second example is the software upgrades released with some FreshMap releases. In the GPS world, I understand that it's rare to see new features made available to existing customers, even if it does come with a modestly-priced map update.

The third is the free traffic service that was offered to existing owners of 2100 Max and 2110 Max units. That's really remarkable, IMHO.

Finally, when I first purchased my second Navigon unit, a 5100 Max, it came with MN6, rather than MN7. I just called Navigon, talked to a person located somewhere in the USA, and they shipped out to me a new SD card with MN7 and recent maps. I didn't even have to send back the old card. It was shipped UPS. They could have pinched a few quarters and sent it via USPS, but I think in the interest of customer service, they picked an upgraded method of delivery and within a few days, I had my upgrade.

I'm sure there are some others who haven't had the same positive experience I have had, but I can't speak to that. I can only say that I am one very happy camper. Thanks to everyone at Navigon who helped!


  • abel 0 Points
    well what can i said , i purchase a map to kudos, and they rob me, according to them they registered my map to the first ID i sent them, (that by the way was already registered ), and the new map i download? well this is in my trash because they told me i have to pay again if i want the license key 10 black point for kudos, thief or kudoscam, i really can´t define wish is the best to named them , i wrote to sales´s email, the treat me like if i were stupid in every email i still can´t understand how they register a map that was already registered some friend told me don´t get kudos, Chinese gonna mess it up, and didn't believe it at the end kudoscam are not the guilty one´s , is me because i didn´t listen listen guys DO NOT GET ANY THING FROM KUDOS GPS
    i gave them my phone num. i send it to them to call me , nobody did it well at the end is just money
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