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How to save routes, favorites, etc to SD card?

Actually two questions:

1. Can I use an SDHC 4GB card that I just bought?

2. How do I (can I) save all my favorites, routes, POI's, etc to the SD card? Twice now I've had to send my 760 back on warranty and both times I lost all my stuff. I could not download the files from the 760 to the computer because the GPS would not come on, even with the tech guy from Garmin having me try his suggestions.

Thanks in advance for the help.

PS: Why doesn't Garmin at least post a REAL owner's manual?



  • Tim 1466 Points
    1) Most report those types of cards working, but I've heard of a few case where they are not.

    2) You can't tell the device to save those types of things to a card. The card slot was primarily designed for storage of MP3 files, pictures, and supplemental maps.

    PS, Garmin does post a fairly comprehensive user manual for their devices. But they don't detail functionality that isn't provided, like in your second question.
  • Tim—

    Thanks for your quick and right-on-point(s) response.

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