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urgent help please [HP]

jimmyb 0 Points
i have totally wrecked my ipaq314.i was messing around in the engineer mode and accidentely hit the no.11 (erase and reset toc..)
now when i switch on the screen does nothing.i know its on but nothing shows.
is there a way i can get a backup onto the 314 i.e. sd card and reload everything.
my computer will no longer regonise the 314 when i connect it.
also as i cannot connect to content manager could someone please tell me where to find my backup file.
appreciate any help.
p.s when i try to connect the 314 to computer it says :no drivers have been installed for this device.:
is there any way to make my computer regonise the 314.


  • patruns 10 Points
    Time to send it in to HP to have them restore it. Even if you had backed up the whole unit (copied the entire contents of it to your PC) it does no good if the PC won't recognize the unit.
  • jimmyb 0 Points
    yeah,thought so,am on phone to hp uk now.
    its like wading through treacle.
    thanks anyway.
  • I assume by your post that you have your ipaq up and running?
  • jimmyb 0 Points
    yeah got it back from hp after 3 days.They had reloaded it but only to the original 2007 software.
    had a bit of trouble updating it again but eventually got there.
    dont suppose you know a way to change the awful screeching sound when you come across a speedcam.?
    johnb gave a link to pocketgps and i've read the article but not sure what exactly what way to do it. hay-ho
    all the best anyway,
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