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Don't Install system update 7.3.6 !! - 7.3.7 is out now...

keithjmason 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I just upgraded my 2210 to 7.3.6

The fresh software actually said I needed to do this before I wanted to get the updated safety camera download.

So, I did it.

After the update, I found that I had lost speed assistant and the lane guidance completely.

I spoke to Navigon. They told me a lot of customers had found the same thing, and there was a problem with the update. There will be a fix out 27th.

Today, i just checked and they are still offering the update !!!!

Anyway, just a note of warning,.. if you want to update, wait until after the 27th.


  • rkbca 0 Points
    I have same problem with 2200T after going to 7.3.6. Thanks for posting this info.
  • The crazy thing is, Navigon know there is an issue, and they still have the update online when I last checked...!
  • serpa4 0 Points
    At least you have updates. The 8100T has nothing since it came out. Bad support is better than no support. At least they are trying with your model.
  • AlexM555 0 Points
    Be a little fair with the 8100T. It's still a brand new's only 5 months old, compared with the 22xx series which came out in early 2008. How many GPS units received updates that you know of within 6 months of its initial release that did not involve severe fixes?

  • i see 7.3.7 is out.

    but I will wait a while i think.. anyone given it a go ?

    Did it restore speed assistant and lane guidance ?

  • Okay, I did it.. i upgraded.

    While it did restore Speed Assistance and lane guidance, it has a bug whereby if you have updated maps, and if you save any favourites, the next time the GPS is restarted, you loose those favourites!

    Navigon say there is a fix out tomorrow, so expect to see 7.3.8 ?

  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Thanks for the update and taking one for the gipper!
  • Cntrl 0 Points
    Which systems is this update for?
    I have a 2100 but the latest software update I see is to Version 1.2.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    From what I am seeing the current version available to the 7200T is 7.3.4, which I already have installed. The only problem I am detecting so far is the verbal instructions occasionally "stutter" or quickly repeat a word and gives it an echo effect. I did not have that with previous version.

    Hook up your 2100 via Fresh and check for an update to see if anything beyond v1.2 is available. Navigon historically has not always presented the most current information in the support area on the web site. The v1.2 update info has been there for almost a year if not longer - I don't pay that much attention to that model. You can't get a definitive answer to your question without going through Fresh. I have my doubts that calling Navigon support would even give you a current answer. :?:
  • Cntrl 0 Points
    I'll give it a run this weekend, haven't hooked it up in a few weeks. :D
  • The update I was referring to was for a 2210

    I'll check tonight to see if 7.3.8 is up yet...
  • Johan 0 Points
    Hello, I am new to this forum and I hope someone could help me a bit. :)

    I updated my Navigon 2210 a couple of days ago to version 7.3.7 and since the update it cannot find any GPS satellites, I have had it searching for satellites for 45 minutes but still nothing.
    Anyone else who has this problem? Any suggestions how to solve it? Is there any possibility to install an older version?
    So far the Navigon support hasn't been able to help me. :(
  • I updated my 2200T to 7.3.7 and now it reboots incessantly. I don't have a backup of any previous versions. I've emailed Navigon and getting very slow lack of help. Anyone have any ideas that might help me revive it? I really like the device and would be sad to have to lose it. :(

    Thanks all,
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    JUL 06, 2009

    I just checked using Navigon Fresh and the only update available for a 7200t US continues to be v7.3.4.
  • I just checked using Navigon Fresh and the only update available for a 7200t US continues to be v7.3.4.
    Does that go for the 2200T? Fresh updated me automatically to 7.3.7 and tells me it's up to date. But when I disconnect it, it goes into the reboot-a-thon.
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