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Paid TMC in Becker Z201 ??

madrilian 0 Points
I live in Europe and I have plans to buy the Becker Z201 gps.

In the specs it says it is capable to get TMC in countries where it is free.

I wonder if it is possible to add paid TMC subscriptions to this device, for countries such as UK and France, where TMC is not free for all.

I have sent Becker an email to their customer support team, but so far, no relpy.

Has anyone had experience with Becker devices ? is there a way to add paid TMC ?

In some UK retailer webpages I see they advertise as capable to get UK TMC, but when I look in the Becker website, no mention to this whatsoever.

Any clues?

Thank you !


  • peterPL 0 Points
    Hi madrilian,

    I'm not sure about Becker (I may buy its Z100 Crocodile soon), but Navigon, which I've been using for one year now, offers something similiar.

    I've got Navigon 2110max, and it's got a charger, which cable is simultaneously a TMC receiver. I don't have a TMC service bought, that's why it doesn't work on my GPS, although the icon on the screen of my unit turns grey sometimes, indicating that the TMC waves are being received. The TMC service can be bought on Navigon website

    As far as I'm concerned Becker has something in common with Navigon (I have been told that Becker is a cheaper version of Navigon), and TMC thing can be quite similiar in both.

    Wait patiently for Becker's answer, it may take up to 14 days to get a reply.

    Let us know if you get the answer from them.


  • Thank you for the reply.

    I know Navigon offers paid UK/France/Germany TMC lifetime subscription on their website for a one-off fee, and although Becker uses Navigon software, they don't seem to offer any option to buy premium TMC for France and UK. I have only seen that some of their devices such as Z200, include ProTMC in Germany as a standard, but they never mention other countries.

    Doing a bit more research, I have found several UK stores offering Becker devices and they explicitly mention they include lifetime subscription to UK TrafficMaster.

    I suppose there must be a way to add paid TMC, but I need to find out how. I will wait to see if Becker replies to my email, and I will let you all know.

    In the meantime, if anyone knows more, please let us know. Thanks !!
  • peterPL 0 Points
    I would be extremely interested in what Becker says about it. Thanks in advance ;)
  • Hi again !

    For those of you interested, I have just received a reply from Becker.

    They don't mention prices though, but I assume it will be in similar price range than navigon or garmin's premium TMC add-ons
    Dear Sir

    thank you for your inquiry.
    With the content manager it is possible to add paid subscriptions to this device

    If you have any further questions don't hesitate to contact us or one of our service stations or call our support in the UK 0121 522 55 58

    Of course our technical helpdesk is also available for you Mo - Fr. 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Tel: 0049 7248 71 1507
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