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Iway350 rave review [Lowrance]

tbarrett 0 Points
Seriously wrestled with which GPS best suited my needs and decided on the Iway350 because of the fm modulator...I drive a boxster convertible and felt the ability to pipe the audio through the stereo system would be beneficial due to road noise issues...have had the unit for a couple of days now and really think its very good...took a few minutes to lock in initially but it is very intuitive and easy to use...juxtaposing the comments I have read both in this forum and others with my own experience leads me to conclude that the majority of issues and complaints are reflective of operator far this unit is an excellent value...if you look carefully you can find it for less than $300 delivered and personally I give it a whole hearted endorsement.



  • Glad you're happy with yours. My iWay 350C is total junk. I had the 500C and loved it, but the 350C falls short.
  • pdbrown 0 Points
    How do you feel the display compares to other manufacturers? How clear, sharp and readable in all lighting conditions.
  • Pretty much useless in daylight. Washes out completely. Such a disappointment after having the iWay500C for a 7000 mile motorcycle trip. Should have sent it back the day I got it, but didn't and now it's gone beserk and reboots every minute or so. Not even a nice looking paperweight.
  • Lowrance blows...
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