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soft to obtain NMEA frame

cottoon 0 Points

I search a code to obtain NMEA frame.

I use a MAX2769 GPS receiver and I have four outputs, SCLK, TIME_SYNC, DATA_OUT, DATA_SYNC.

In DATA_OUT, there are four data of 16 bits from the ADC : BIT0<0:15>,
BIT1<0:15>, BIT2<0:15>, BIT3<0:15>. This signals represent sign/mag
data in I and Q channels.

BIT0 : Sign_I
BIT1 : Mag_I
BIT2 : Sign_Q
BIT3 : Mag_Q

I want processed this outputs with a TI micro processor, Jacinto ARM/DSP,
but I need a code to obtain the position, velocity and time to compute NMEA frame.

Can you help me?

best regards

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