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Garmin update over Linux?

Hi -

My linux laptop sees my Garmin Nuvi 760 ok. I was just wondering if it's possible to run Garmin Updater in Linux (Ubuntu 8.10). Now that I got the TV tuner working, this is about the only thing I need Windows for.



  • tomj03 0 Points
    You mean run it under Wine ?
    I won't risk my limb with that. :D
  • FreeBrrd 0 Points
    No, if I have to use Windows (or wine), I'll just keep Windows. It dual boot so not a big deal. I tried wine so I could use Eudora because I could use the same folder in different operating systems, but didn't like it I hadn't expected the tv tuner to work so easily.
  • tomj03 0 Points
    Webupdater is offered only in EXE , if I am not mistaken.
  • dalesd 0 Points
    Hey FreeBrrd,

    Welcome to the freedom of open source!

    People are reporting success with the Garmin updater and wine on the Ubuntu forums. It's an old thread, but it seems to work.

    If you don't want to use wine, it looks like the update is just a self-extracting zip file. Extract the contents, copy to a SD card, put the card in your Nuvi, start the Nuvi, and it'll find the files and ask you if you want to update.

    However, I haven't tried this. The last time I updated I used my Windows PC at work. I still have the latest 4.60 firmware on my Nuvi 760, so I can't try this myself right now.
  • FreeBrrd 0 Points
    I discovered another application that will require windows - monitoring my solar controller - so looks like I'm keeping windows for a bit. I don't update very often anyway.

  • dalesd 0 Points
    One snag I've run in to is that the "Garmin Communicator Plugin" is for Windows and Mac only. I may try installing Firefox for Windows under Wine so I can run that plugin. You need it to register the Nuvi on the website, but there's also a 'map my ride' website that uses it I'd like to try out.

    What sort of solar controller monitoring are you doing? I have a 3.5kw PV system on my house, and I'm trying to find a way to do some real-time monitoring.
  • FreeBrrd 0 Points
    I haven't got it yet, but am planning on a morningstar sunsaver mppt solar charge controller. Mine is for a camper I'm building. That is also why I have the TV tuner for the laptop.

    Check out the forum on Northern Arizona Wind & Sun

    These guys are really helpful, not employed by Northern Arizona Wind & Sun. One of the guys wrote the software to monitor the controller.
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