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Telenav Shotgun

RobDMB 0 Points
Does anyone currently use this unit? HAs it been improved since release. I am looking fora unit that has great traffic options. Thanks.


  • Tim 1482 Points
    I still have one. They have released a Software Update.
  • RobDMB 0 Points
    How is the traffic data and software? Do you think it would be better to just wait for TomTOm's HD traffic, or is it even really that much better than the free traffic with garmin or navigon?
  • I love the Shotgun from Telenav. Their POI database is HUGE. I heard from a recent blog that they now have over 11 million POI. Not to mention that for the most recent update, you can now write/view reviews for the POI that you just visited, directly on the device, which I personally find very helpful.
  • RobDMB 0 Points

    How do you find the traffic to be on the unit? Is it reliable? Better than fm traffic? Also how do you find the routing engine, is it responsive and quick recalculate?
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