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LG LN790 Help!

bottleb 0 Points
I have an LG LN790 GPS unit that ive been trying to unlock for the past weeks with no success. I tried miopocket and various scripts, doesnt work. GPS just stays in mainmenu!

Now my last hope would be to access the FACTORY MODE on this GPS. I once accessed it with even wanting to and hit the reset button. I have no idea how i got there!

If anyone would have any idea on how to access the factory mode again or know of another way to unlock this unit, please tell me!

BTW : ActiveSync is not an isnt activated on this gps!


  • shaopc 0 Points
    I think I can help you out. Does you LN790 boot and stays on Main Menu. If the display showing Music, Movie, Bluetooth and Photo than I have the solution for you. I have the same GPS and I left a PM for you on gpsunderground. Please see that I need your help too.
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