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Keep Dash Forum open for Dash users

rdallimore 0 Points
This is really to an admin. If Dash finally closes and the Dash user forums close, would GPSReview keep this forum open so that Dash users would have somewhere to meet up? I think we would have something to offer, as future connected GPSs become available, we would at least be able to bench mark them against our experience with the Dash.


  • Tim 1467 Points
  • Thanks Tim!
  • dburr 0 Points
    How much longer until the death?
  • Upacreek 0 Points
    Thanks Tim for plans to keep this forum open.

    Is anyone else having trouble logging in to the Dash website?
  • Yes, I couldn't get into MyDash either.
  • Tim 1467 Points
    Me too.
  • mcss 0 Points
    Another thanks to the Admin. Yes, it seems it's yet another glimpse of our future!

  • pldexnis 0 Points
    Managed to dash my way over here too...!
  • Tim 1467 Points
    Glad to have all of you here. :D
  • mcss 0 Points
    And we're back....Again.
  • Tim 1467 Points
    So are there any rumors about any companies interested in purchasing what is left of Dash?
  • Surprised this Dash forum is still around since it has been 16 months since the last post.
  • Tim 1467 Points
    I'm actually working on some consolidation right now, so today could be its last day as a forum of its own.
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