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Questions About Map Updates

1) How often do updates to the maps come out?

2) About when do they come out?

3) How long can I wait to download my free map before my window of opportunity closes?

4) My Nuvi says the map is 2009, but when I go to download my free map it gives no version information. How do I know I'm not just downloading the maps I already have?


  • Tim 1486 Points
    1) About four times per year.

    2) The most recent one came out a couple of weeks ago, so just shy of three months from now. (approx)

    3) 60 days from when the device was first turned on.

    4) It should state the version number-- it is probably "2010" something.
  • i_am_jim 81 Points
  • I've updated my Nuvi 250 thanks.

    I needed 11.8 GB of free space on my C: drive.

    I've started a new post "11.8GB of disc space needed for 2010 map update" to highlight the fact that so much space is needed without Garmin telling you.

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