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How to alter the route my 2150 selects? Please help

richardjohn22 0 Points
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This is the first sat nav I've owned, but have used TomToms for a few long drives in the past.

Biggest question: I select a destination and I'm given a route I don't want - in this case driving Northbound rather than Southbound around the M25 (that's the road that circles London for any foreigners reading this) - how do I change the route?

I imagined some Google maps style 'drag the route line' tactic, but there seems to be no option at all for changing the route to how you want it. Tried cancelling aspects of the route with the red x's, but it ignored that. I managed to go the other way around London by wasting 5 minutes aiming the lines on screen at a section of Southbound M25, which did work, but was tedious. Also, on the map screen I now have two destination boxes cluttering the place up.

Second journey I tried it routed me through a residential area, when it is easily avoidable when you look at the map. Why take me off a fast road to save a few yards? Slower route, stupid thing. On this occasion after 5 attempts I couldn't make it take the sensible route and had to resort to ignoring where it wanted me to go- not ideal!

Also, anyone have any idea how to enter a post code and a building number? Post code is nearly pointless otherwise.

Navigon: easy to follow and understand when it's navigating, otherwise it appears to be a product made by a sadist.


  • AlexM555 0 Points
    We can't be talking about a quality German product? You know Germany always makes great stuff.... lol.... sham-wow! :lol:

  • I was being serious, not posting that as a scam to make people avoid the product. There's quite a lot to like about it, especially given the price I paid tv halfords. Just a few ease of use problems letting it down, which is daft from the software designers. Would still like to know how to change a route or enter more than just a postcode without typing the full address! Cheers
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