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Map does not show on Navigon MobileNavigator 7.3.7

nedjel 0 Points
edited November -1 in Smartphone Navigation
Hi, I'm new here, please help.

I installed Navigon on my Curtis GPS. GPS didn't work-fixed the POrts and Conenction Type. Then I was getting a Memory Error, illigeal operation etc. Fixed that - copied over a older Hardwarelayer.dll over the existing in Nav root and copied the same one in Second_Hardwarelaye_dll Folder. The weird thing now is that I get Navigon to wrok and can browse options, select destiantions. But when I go to show map or Route, I see the street name of my present location but no map shows. No grid, no street, just a white screen with the street name at the bottom. So the GPS knows where I'm but I can see the map. Can you point me in the right direction ?
I havethe BC and AB Q_3_2008 maps in my map folder.
Navigon2210. Version 7.3.7 (-475).
What am I missing? Much appreciated.
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