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Is Panorama 3D realtime or not?

MeloManiac 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
This is something I have yet to find an answer to. It doesn't say on Navigons site of this 3D view is realtime (to be turned on/off) or not. And all the pictures showing Lane Assistant Pro etc. are NOT using the Panorama 3D view... So my immediate impression is that it isn't realtime, which makes it rather pointless. Anyone who knows?


  • myzhi 0 Points
  • Tim 1484 Points
    I'm not sure I understand the question... but the images appear and disappear on the map accordingly when you drive in and out of the areas which have those features, but they are not realtime images.
  • Hmm it's a pretty straightforward question... (of=is in the first part of the question).

    But thanks, it seems that it IS realtime. Cool.
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    Those are not live nor photo images if that's your question. Simply stock drawings with the arrows and sign overlaid as needed for covered interchanges. Not actually a photo of what you'll see at the exit, and only available when an exit with multiple lane options is used in your route.
  • Ehh... I am talking about Panorama view 3D - not reality view... (I already have a 2110 max so I know about that).
  • caryrae 92 Points
    Does the panorama view match pretty good to whats outside?
  • Tim 1484 Points
    Ehh... I am talking about Panorama view 3D
    The panorama 3D view isn't "real time" either, and I'm not sure why it would be as the topography doesn't really change much.
  • MeloManiac 0 Points
    Now I am confused... I just watched the video where it appears to be realtime. So this is just some render Navigon did of the feature to fool people into thinking it is realtime? If it isn't realtime, I seriously can't see the use of the function.
  • serpa4 0 Points
    Not sure what you mean by real time. However, the terrain map is built from elevation data taken from space via the space shuttle. The GPS terrain is correct. If the gps shows a mountain or hill, it should be a correct drawing or real drawing of what that hill looks like. It is not a generic hill. If there are two mountains show one twice as high with two peaks, then the gps should show one mountain twice as high and with two peaks like in real life at that real location.
  • MeloManiac 0 Points
    ARGH!... PLEASE.... REAL TIME means: Does it move along in real time just like any other GPS updated display? Same as any GPS, including the Navigons' display.

    NON REAL TIME would be if it only works as a stationary display you can toggle on/off - in which case I would say it is useless.
  • Tim 1484 Points
    ARGH!... PLEASE.... REAL TIME means: Does it move along in real time just like any other GPS updated display? Same as any GPS, including the Navigons' display.
    That isn't what other people might think of when they think of "real time" products. Thus the confusion over the way your question was posed. In the context of GPS, "real time" is synonymous with "live", and meaning that it is getting new data from an external source and presenting it "live" on the screen or in "real time".

    For example the database of roads doesn't update in "real time". You need to perform a map update to get updated roads. The same thing for traffic conditions and weather reporting... the data is being updated from an external service in "real time".

    To your question as I now understand it, based on your definition of real time the Panorama View is in real time. However based on my own personal definition it is not real time. As you drive down the road the Panorama view does update on the on-screen display based on the static information stored in the GPS.
  • MeloManiac 0 Points
    OK, so it IS real time 8) Thank you. Afterall, I don't expect the hills and valleys and rivers in the landscape to constantly move around, up and down etc. So static data is perfectly fine, as long as you can drive and this view mode gets updated real time...
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