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Nuvi 855 @ COSTCO for $299.99

Spyder63 331 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Recommendations
Pricing valid May 11-May 31, 2009.

Item 400902

Possibly only available at at this time/price.


  • Cool. Just ditched Sam's and joined Costco a little while ago. I like their return policy as you can return/exchange anything at any time. No warranty period. The only exception is 90 days for computers, TVs, still and video cameras, etc. GPS units are NOT listed so, hmmm... My next GPS will be from them and when it suffers an "accident" down the road? :wink: 8)
  • Dirtboy6 0 Points
    Is this for in store only or can you get it online?
  • dcg 0 Points
    Is this for in store only or can you get it online?
    It's actually only available online (or at least, they don't have it at my local store).

    However, they do have the 265wt instore for $229. Trying to decide between the two. Looks to me like the 265wt gives you free FM lifetime traffic and bluetooth (which in my experience with the nuvi 680 works like crap, not sure if they've improved), whereas the 855 gives voice activated navigation and lane assist.

    Anything major I'm missing? I'm actually leaning toward the 265wt since it's cheaper, I can get it locally, and it gives me free traffic.

    Does anyone know if the 855 comes with a free year of traffic, or if you have to pay right away?
  • fancythat 0 Points
    Hi. Just wanted to say thanks for posting about the great price on the 855. I've been deliberating for weeks on which GPS unit to buy and the price drop just pushed me over the edge - I just completed my order and can't wait to get it and try it out. This is my first GPS and I'm looking forward to trying it out on vacation next month. LOVE this website!
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