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Visually Stamping Photos with Location

Greetings GPS users.

I am new to geotagging but am so excited about it that I created a powerful little tool that I would like to share with you. It allows you to visually stamp the GPS coordinates on any photos that have been geotagged. It is a lossless JPEG process in that only the pixels where the coordinates are stamped are recompressed, all the rest of the image remains 100% original. I believe it is a unique tool and I'd appreciate your feedback on it.
Download GPStamper from my website -
An example of a stamped image image

Michael Lee


  • For those that want to readily display JPEG images on maps via the process known as "geotagging" and extending the metadata of JPEG's EXIF metadata, try:
  • First, another attempt to display example images of what GPStamper is capable of: image

    Second, while I haven't (yet) tried IsWhere, if MidNightMapper was suggesting software to geotag images for eventual use in GPStamper then please try it out. GPStamper is not a geotagging tool. It only visually stamps photos that have already been geotagged with other software.

    Free geotagging tools are always the best.
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