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8100t and POI Warner

ThunderLizard 91 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
When I go to the POI Warner web site, it asks for payment in Euro's. Will this software work in the US and what exactly can I do with it? Does it come with a bunch of updated POI's or do I need to create what I want to add?

Also, how do I go about syncronizing this with my 8100t?

Any input will be appreciated! Thank!


  • AlexM555 0 Points
    It supposedly works, but there is not a substantial amount of POIs or information as to how to incorporate POIs into your 8100T in the USA. I have it running on my 8100T, but I can't get any of the .ASC POIs to show up. It says that it sees the data, but none of the POIs are visible. There's just not a lot of help for this. Hopefully, some other folks with POI Warner on the 8100T will share their experiences.

  • Thanks for the info. I broke down and ordered the service. Still trying to figure it all out! If I can get it to work, I'll post my results! For now, it seems to have loaded (actually I loaded) a gazillion more POI's, as evident when I do a "Search Nearby". We'll see how it goes. I was really looking for the WiFi hotspots! I'll update after I test drive it a bit.

    Thanks again!
  • Update:

    I've been working with the uber-support folks at, but we still don't have the basic issue resolved yet. It's done by email and there is a day between responses, so it's slow. To their credit, they are putting in a full effort to make it right.

    As it stands, I can record a POI and it will sow up and perform as described, but the system won't find any other local POI's. I'm trying to decide if any additional POI's have been added to my Navigon database - it seems like there's more on the screen than I'm used to, but maybe I'm just paying closer attention!

    I'll update further as we progress.
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