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THIERRY7 0 Points
Hello Guys,

I am happy to be here today. I have actually owned an unbrand PND. That 's how it labelled on the package: GPS satellite navigator E810. On the back a small label saying Windows CE Core 5.0 .This is my issue; when I launch the Navigation system the following message appears : "Navigation software is now launching......" and nothing happens. The NAvigation software is not launching and I have been busy on the Internet searching for a solution for that Unbrand PND.It did not come with a CD or DVD. I have tried "Igo My way" and "Smart2go" nothing happens. That's the reasons why I have knocked to your door. What can I do to make it works again.
Thanks a lot for your comment and insights.



  • dhn 336 Points
    Apparently, that is a Harmon Kardon brand and comes with a reset button. Try that.

    Also, google 'gps e810 problems' and you get a bunch of hits. :(
  • THIERRY7 0 Points

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I must confess that my PND have a software issues. I have accidently delete some files to free up space on my SD Card, but I do believe that some navigation software have been deleted in the process. I don't think that the PND is Harman Kardon's product. Mine has a "E" before the 810 and on the front and back of the product, no brand ni name. I have try the software mentioned aboves, nothing operate. I don't know what to do with that device really. I have hit the reset button time thousand of times but NADA.
    If someone can tell me where I can find the software.
    Thanks a lot.

  • Spyder63 331 Points
    You may find some answers, if you have not already looked, at

    A wide variety of gps brands are discussed there as well.
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