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Using TMC with 860T

noturbizniss 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I set up the traffic kit for the do i know if its working? All i see when i go to tmc status is "detection still in progress". I have been stuck in traffic yet never see the "t" icon turn green which i assume means it detected something. And I live in New York City and was stuck in traffic by the Lincoln tunnel. Am I doing something wrong? The signal strength is like 7 or 8 or 9 out of 10. And can someone please clarify what the red, yellow, and green "t" indications mean? Mine is either red or yellow.



  • Tim 1479 Points
    If you see detection still in progress then it hasn't connected to the traffic network to receive information. I assume you have subscribed to the service and activated your subscription?

    • Red means it is still trying to find a traffic station.
    • Yellow means it has found a traffic station but has not received any traffic information.
    • Green means a traffic station has been found and traffic information has been received.
  • i have activated the subscription and service, and i do see yellow sometimes, but thats usually only when i turn it on, and after a few minutes it goes back to red. When it's yellow it says detection still in progress. When I called customer service I got a very condescending Indian who spoke to me like i was 4 years old and was no help at all.
  • Tim 1479 Points
    I can't remember the menu sequence, but there is a section called 'subscriptions'. I assume you see your subscription in there? I assume too that you are in a area covered by the service. Assuming all of those are correct the only thing I could think of would be to check the connection of the traffic receiver. If all those are good then all I can suggest is to keep trying Magellan support.
  • yup, i have checkd and activated my subscription, and am in new york city. thanks, ill keep calling them.
  • Tim 1479 Points
    Sounds like you got the same Magellan support rep guy I did when I called. :roll:
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