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Trouble with Expedition C [Lowrance]

yooper1 0 Points
My cigerette power cord dont want to make contact all the time to power up my Ifinder Expedition C, I cleaned all contacts and even bought a new power cord ,Then I got ahold of Lowrance "So called support" and they said it is a flat rate of $149 to look at GPS and not including any incurred expenses after initial inspection ,So if I send it in and pay postage and the $149 to have them fix it ,I might just as well buy a NEW one !!!!!, My Question is ? does anyone know how to take this GPS apart so I can see MAYBE a loose wire ???HELP ! I dont really want to spend that kinda money for a simple fix !! Thanks yooper1


  • That's because there power cords are junk, so is there customer service. I was on hold today for 45 minutes. She told me the last 4 power cords I've had to replace along with the 5 others my mother and son have had to replace are good that it was in all three units. That being said there units must be junk and I'm no longer going to use there products. I use my Expedition C every day and depend on it heavily being a guide. I have always recommended there products to my friends but no more. At 35 dollars a cord I could have bought a Garmin, which I will be doing.
  • If you get ahold of linda Colt she will make it right ,My unit was out of warrenty and no questions asked she replaced it FREE and even sent a postage paid return box ,A brand new unit in two days, Here is her contact info, SHE IS AWESOME !!!
    Linda Colt
    Customer Walk in Service Department
    12000 East Skelly Drive
    Tulsa Oklahoma 74128
    1-800-324-1356 ext 8747
    Direct Line 918-438-8747
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