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Navigon Lives!! FreshMaps Q2 2009 is now available!



  • I was looking for the 5100max from Radio Shack just to get the FreshMaps, figured spending $40 more than the 2090S wasn't a bad deal to get a larger screen plus traffic and Bluetooth. Alas and alak, RS seems to be sold all out of them. I did stumble across one on the Bay, so I asked the seller if the FreshMaps card was in the box (since the listing said "everything on the box is in the box" and there was a big ol' FreshMaps sticker on the front, so I just wanted to make sure). First he said, "Must be, but I am not sure if it is used or not." Second reply was, "Just checked, nope it's not there." Thing is, he never corrected his listing and the next day it sold. I'd hate to be the sucker that ended up opening that box and finding no FreshMaps code.

    So, if anyone does buy a 2090S for the FreshMaps and then sells the device on the Bay, at least be cool about it and say no FreshMaps and sell it for the difference, say $40. The guy selling the 5100max was asking RS price ($130), and he should have been asking no more than $80.
  • ericmtl 0 Points
    After updating Q2 map to my 7200T. I found that the 3D landmarks does not exist anymore. Has anyone noticed that or it is just something wrong with my system?
    The same thing happened to me today. I had to revert to my backup. The landmarks are back. I wrote to Navigon, no reply yet. Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  • ericmtl 0 Points
    I tried that too. No 3D Landmarks showed up. I sent an email to Navigon about this few weeks ago. I have not received any responses from them.
    I got a reply today from Navigon about this problem.
    Here it is:

    Subject: NAVIGON Support CRM:00511361
    Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 14:57:14 +0200

    Dear Mr/ Mrs/ NAVIGON Customer

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We recommend to restore the backup and do the update again near the end of the week, as the problems should be solved by then.

    Stephen Purdue

    NAVIGON Support Team

    If you have further questions, please attach previous e-mails
  • Can I Use on FreshMaps activation to update maps to Navigon GPS 8100t and 2120 Max both together, as I have already activated 2120 max under fresh maps activation code. Please advice me how can I use same activation to active for Navigon 8100T maps update from Navigon Freshmaps
  • Updated my 8100T and 2120MAX without any difficulty.
    Hello ;
    How did you updated both 8100T and 2120MAX , as I have both and today i have activated FreshMasp for 2120MAX but it required 4GB SD card . Now I want to update maps for 8100T , Could you please advice me how can update 8100T using same activation or activation transfer is possible.

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