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POI Creation for Mio Moov 500? [Mio]

therock003 0 Points
I just got this device and it comes with the Mio Desktop application which seemingly uses .csv files for loading POIs.

Question is of course, what tool shall I use for creation of my own custom POIs?


  • I use the POI creation tools at to make a personal group. Then I can download the group as a CSV file, or whatever GPS format I want.
  • Which tools are you talking about, cause i cant seem to find them.
  • 1. Once you're logged in, select the My POIs tab.
    2. Select "Create your own POI group"
    3. Fill in the various fields. Set "Level" to "Personal" if you don't want others to see it.
    4. Select "Enter POIs manually"
    5. Choose the number you want to enter at once. If you're not sure, choose a smaller number; you can always enter more later.
    6. Start entering your POIs. Make sure to click on "Get Coordinates" for each entry.
    7. Click "Add this POI Group"

    Once you're happy with your group, you can click on "Download for my GPS" to get a file you can upload to your unit.

    Now, I'm not saying there aren't easier ways of doing this if all you want is a one-time upload. But I think this is a really good way of organizing personal POI groups for future use.
  • What is the POI format supported by MIO? You are using a MIO unit right?

    Or maybe is the format you create universal and can be used interchangeably no matter what unit you possess?

    Thanx for describing the steps in detail, i appreciate you effort. 8)
  • When you click on the "Download for my GPS" button, you have to choose your file type. One of them is "Mio Map", so I'm assuming that's the one you'd want.
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