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Technical Question - Transmitter and pairing

ninjag 0 Points
Hi, this is my first post here and hoping this is in the correct place?

I've just got a RoamEO PuP GPS Tracker for my dog which basically consists of two parts; the hand held unit and the collar.

The collar uses GPS to send its co-ordinates to the hand held unit, which also uses GPS, and it subsequently displays the direction and distance of the collar (and dog! :D)

But, it doesn't seem to be working too well. The hand held unit can take a while to get an initial GPS fix but once it does it doesn't seem to ever lose it and an icon in the display also shows this. Also, a transmitter type icon also shows to tell me the collar and the hand held unit are communicating properly.

The problem seems to arise from the collar getting a fix I think and I'm thinking the power isn't as good as the hand held unit as when turning it on at the window in my house the unit gets a signal but the collar doesn't (indicated by a seperate icon which doesn't appear).

Outside the collar does appear to be getting a signal but the readings I'm getting are very strange in that sometimes it's spot on and tells me exactly where my dog is but a lot of the time it's completely wrong. It's almost as if there's a delay with it updating.

However, if this were the case then surely when both the dog and myself haven't moved position then the direction indicator shouldn't change and the unit or GPS signal should use the last known co-ordinate until it receives and update?

Anyway, to get to my main question, when first setting up the unit you have to follow a very simply pairing process; basically I just press the button on the unit to pairing mode and then turn on the collar and it pairs straight away.

I'm wondering, would it be possible to get an aftermarket GPS transmitter/receiver (which is higher powered or better quality perhaps) and pair the unit with this? Or will the collar be hardcoded in some way so that only these collars will work with the unit?

I can appreciate the unit will be quite unique in that it interprets the GPS information etc but surely the collar is simply a transmitter/receiver? The collar is quite compact whereas the hand held unit has a large aerial coming out of it and I'm wondering if the collar simply isn't getting a good enough signal?

If anyone could advise it would be greatly appreciated. Also, I'm in Glasgow and have heard there are problems with the satellites of late in the European Union region but then my TomTom for the car works fine!

Many thanks
Graham :)
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