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8100 keeps shutting off and not being charged

HyperM3 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I posted on GPSPassion as well but hopefully posting here will help also.

Ive had an 8100 since January and love it. Its one of the best navigation units Ive ever used.

The problem Im experiencing is that the unit apparently is not charging or getting power from the power cord. I am however getting the icon with the lightning bolt through it which means its charging. That being said, in the middle of several of my trips, the unit will just turn off and go blank without any warning. When I try to turn the unit back on, it goes to the "connected to computer" screen and wont power up.

I changed the power cord and got the same thing. I had just used this yesterday so its not the lack of use issue. Right now Ive got it charging on my desk from a wall charger as its apparently the only way it actually gets a charge. It must either be the unit itself or the window arm/cradle.

Ive gotten no response from emailing navigon and Im at my wits end about it.

Anyone else ever experience this with advise?


  • Is the red/orange light at the socket end of the charging plug on? Sometimes 12v socket plugs can be finicky!
  • HyperM3 0 Points
    Is the red/orange light at the socket end of the charging plug on? Sometimes 12v socket plugs can be finicky!
    Yeah checked that. The orange light is always on and the charging symbol with the lightning bolt is always showing. Apparently its just not working though. Just don't get it
  • You may try plugging in the car charger directly into the charging port (bypassing the mount) and see if that works. You'll need to keep the unit out of the mount to do this (when the unit is mounted the USB port is disabled). If so, it may be your mount. (though it could be the pin setup on the back!) That being the case, I have a spare mount that I would send to you if you cover the shipping - it was sent by Navigon because the suction cup got a little sloppy (it sags when it gets hot but it doesn't come off - just droops a bit).

    Give it a try and see if that's the problem. If you want the mount, just let me know.
    (as an alternative, you could buy some electronics contact cleaner (available at auto parts stores, made by CRC) and spray the contacts on the mount and the unit. Just a thought.)
  • primsa 0 Points
    I had the same problem. I found that because of the location of where the cord plugs into the arm is below the arm it would after a time work partially loose. I taped it to the arm and never had the problem again.
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