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No water [Lowrance]

I have a iway 350.I was recently sent a replacement one because my other one could not be fixed.My question is how come It doesnt show lakes on the unit.I have waters checked and all the subcatagories checked and still no lakes.My other one showed the blue which indicated water.This one does not.Any suggestions?


  • Tim 1470 Points
    I haven't heard of this problem happening before, so I'm not sure how much advice I'm going to be able to offer. I'd double check to make sure you have software update 1.2.0 running on the new iWay. If not, or if that doesn't fix it the best I can suggest is to give Lowrance Support a call.

    How to see if your iWAY 350C is already using version 1.2.0 software:

    • Select the MENU icon on the display of your iWAY™ 350C.
    • Select "Options".
    • Select the third tab, "Page 3".
    • Select "Device Information".

    The software version for your unit is located under the line that says "iWay 350C".
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