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Can I update the maps?

drb116 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I am trying to decide between the refurbished 8100 and the Garmin 765T. I like the price and features of the 8100, but one concern I have is whether I will be able to update the maps. If I buy a new Navigon now, is there any option to get the Freshmaps subscription, or any other way to update the maps in the future?



  • pcbrewer 0 Points
    It appears that Navigon is not selling any more Freshmaps but they are going to honor the ones that are still out there. I purchased a 2100 with two years of Freshmaps and had no problem registering it and downloading the new Q2 2009 maps. I would suggest you do some Googling. There are still some out there...good luck.
  • Check eBay. That's the only info I can provide. :wink:
  • caryrae 92 Points
    I was checking around to see how hard it was to find freshmaps. The only place I could find selling freashmaps was Ebay and there was only one person. Every online store I looked at did not have any left.
  • Two year subs were for sale on Amazon and TigerDirect last week for 30 USD. A few of us on here jumped on that deal, and it appears they are out of stock now.

    And as someone said in another thread, anything from Navigon for sale in NA that is out of stock will probably never get back in stock because they are not replenishing the NA pipeline.

    So keep looking, and if you find something grab it. And post what you found here!
  • caryrae 92 Points
    So if people in Europe can/will get maps for North America, why can't they keep providing NA map updates for people who live in NA and keep selling Freshmaps?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows!

  • zekec 0 Points
    Same reason they can write software for an iPhone, but not their own devices... Integrity and the lack thereof.
  • Just FYI, you can't order these from the US. My co-worker just tried and they said they don't accept orders from the US.

  • Just FYI, you can't order these from the US. My co-worker just tried and they said they don't accept orders from the US.'s those Canadians! They hate us. They think we're continent hogs! :P
  • gatorguy 326 Points
    That's OK. We pay 'em back with TeleAtlas maps. (Sorry DHN) :mrgreen:
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