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My NEW garmin nuvi 780 wont turn on...

Man im kinda dissapointed... i got a brand new Garmin Nuvi780 a few weeks ago and it was reading something about connecting to bluthoot 0% i turned it off b/c it was not moving and now it wont turn on! it has a full baterry charge ... does anyone have a solution to this problem?

Thank you


  • danp2000 0 Points
    Hold the turn-on switch to the left for 8 seconds. Then try to turn it on again. This does a "reset" of the device.

    Hope that helps.
  • Blue Flame 91 Points
    Plug it into USB over night?
  • Ah finally the reset thing did the trick.

    I tried plugging it into my usb overnight but didint work :)

    Thanks for the advice tough it was really helpful
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