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updating the maps........... [HP]

patruns 10 Points
Just thought I would pass along the experience................

I updated the maps, POIs, 3D files & safety cams over the weekend on naviextras. It is a long but relatively painless process. With the naviextras toolbox, you first have to make room on your device buy moving all the current maps, POIs, etc to your PC. Only move the maps, POIs and 3d files. Do not move the phone files which will appear in the toolbox with a little speaker icon next to them. Also, be prep[ared for several hours of time to complete this. (If you have dial-up, forget it and buy a new GPS.)

I do have one question for those who know something about the files. There is one 3d file called US dem. It is a rather large file. I assume it is a demo file for the 3d rendering, but am not sure. I moved it off the unit and the GPS seems to work ok. Is it an important file and do I need to move it back? I believe it is over 200mb so I would prefer to leave it off if possible.


  • Tim 1479 Points
    In GPS/GIS terminology, "dem" typically stands for "Digital Elevation Model" and refers to data used to represent elevation. I would assume it is the file that contains the data used to build the terrain.

  • patruns 10 Points
    Oh, then I better put it back?
  • Boyd 1974 Points
    Depends on whether you want to have shaded 3d terrain. :D
  • patruns 10 Points
    Yeah, what the hell. I have a 4GB card in it I can use for additional maps later. :)
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