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Strange thing happened on the way to Maine!

Ken-55 0 Points
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Just came back from a weekend trip in the RV from CT to New England Skydiving in southern Maine.

In preparation, I entered the destination in my 5100 and checked the route . . . it worked fine.

We decided to leave the night before and park for a few hours at a WalMart in New Hampshire (about 9 miles from our final destination). I entered the Walmart as an interim destination . . . everything worked fine.

I backed out of that route and used the 5100 in the "show map" mode locally before we left. Since we were going straight to the WalMart, I just went to my "last destinations" and selected it . . . no problem!

In the morning, when I tried to choose the address for New England Skydiving from my "last destinations", the screen froze with the straight orange line it shows during computing the route. Tried several times, from several locations (I kept pulling over to try again), same problem. Tried soft and hard restarts, no luck!

I put in a new destination, using just the zip code of New England Skydiving and it computed a route correctly, then a light bulb went off in my head . . . I asked it to "Talke me home" and then used the stored "last destination" of New England Skydiving as an interim destination . . . that worked!!

Any clue as to a reason why this occurred??
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