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Got 8100T today - PC Connection Question

JohnJ 0 Points
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As the subject said. I got my 8100t today after much planning and anticipation. I took some pictures of the unboxing for those that might be interested, and will upload them soon in a new thread.

This is my first post, and it leaves me a little worried. The device looks fine, and the first few screens I got to from indoors where fine. Where I'm not winning is with connecting it to the PC, vista, where it is charging now.

Here's the thing:

- It arrived with battery dead so I plugged it in to the USB port with the provided wire to charge. After a few minutes I booted it up (nice), and after unplugging and replugging it, Vista said it found the Navigon device.

- I looked for the device in Explorer, under Computer, hoping to the browse the SD card like I would my PDA under similar circumstances, but it did not show up in the directory tree.

- I downloaded's proprietary software, "Fresh" and ran it as administrator, and it would still not backup my device (no source drive listed in drop down menu) or allow me updates on another screen, reporting "Device not supported by Fresh!".

So, any help you fellow owners can lend a new owner here to make this a less scary experience, and the wonderous one I anticipated, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you kindly.


  • AlexM555 0 Points
    The fastest way to get the software to update is to use an SDHC card reader and connect that to your computer. The FreshMaps software can recognize card readers with the Navigon card inserted.

    If you've repeatedly turned on and off your 8100T while connected to the PC, the PC connection may have gotten corrupted. You will need to uninstall the device from the Device Manager, then reconnect it while the Navigon is powered up. The PC should then recognize the 8100T.

  • JohnJ 0 Points
    Hi Alex.

    Thanks for the fast reply.

    Well, I'm glad Fresh runs on my PC. On first run without Admin it would shut down onload. Soo, I'm leaning towards the SD Card reader and extra play along card for later uploads.
    I will have to be very careful with the OEM card till then.

    You're right about the device being corrupted in device manager. I read some guy on an obscure post ( review) who had to reinstall Vista entirely to get it to work. (something i'm not going to do). Anyways, fwiw, Device Manager never showed the device for me even when the popup saying Navigon recognized came. So, SD card reader for me.

    On a side note, what I'm perplexed at right now is Product Activation. I registered my email address with, told them I had an 8100t, and reassuringly it says traffic updates are already activated, by default presuming.
    What perplexes me, is the unit gives me a Product ID to type into that site, and then the site asks for an Activation Key of the same syntax, supposedly included on the back of the product accessory card, which I dont have in the box. Is this something that only comes with Freshmaps cards that you can buy?
    Thx again!
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