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Who makes the Acura/Accord nav?

mvl 191 Points
I'm curious if anyone knows who makes the Acura/Accord nav?

It seems like it's way ahead of its time. My 2005 model has the Garmin self-learning road speeds, it has the "view multiple routes" of the Magellans (and Navigon's?), gyroscope/wheel-based backup, and voice commands for just about everything (except road names, that was added in 2006).

I really loved that thing, too bad it uses Navteq maps without Teleatlas speed profiles. I basically ignore it now because Tomtom IQroutes directions are so much better.


  • mvl 191 Points
    That forum scares me - so disorganized... yikes.

    Plus members seem to be new car buyers, evaluating features. Very few who seem to know guts of systems.

    Anyone here know?
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Alpine, 99% certain.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Now make that 100%.

    See this Dealer maintenance alert sheet:
  • mvl 191 Points
    Yup - I knew it was Alpine.

    They wrote such a sophisticated nav that I assumed they subcontracted the software to Garmin or another PND vendor.

    Was the nav an in house build? Pretty impressive.
  • gatorguy 329 Points
    Well if you already knew, why did you ask? :lol: Couldn't resist kidding you MVL :wink:

    I thought I had read quite some time ago that Garmin did assist on the software side, but find no reference to it now. I think Garmin is/was involved with both Pioneer and Kenwood so I could just be confusing manufacturers.
  • I think Garmin is/was involved with both Pioneer and Kenwood so I could just be confusing manufacturers.
    Garmin was working with Ford, and Ford uses Pioneer systems, maybe that's what you were thinking about...
  • mvl 191 Points
    The built in Navigation is a windows computer, with built-in windows software that is programmed to only read American discs.

    I've seen forum posts (google around) about a wholesale reload of custom software on the device, but it is a big effort and often requires purchase of some hardware components to complete the overrides.
  • dhn 336 Points
    mvl, it turns out that the post who replied to was done by a user that turned out to be a spammer. A subsequent post by him had no relevance to the topic and contained a live link to a site not related to the topic whatsoever.

    His posts have been deleted and he's banned.
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