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Bricked 765T via Map uploader?

I'm new here. I just finished uploading the new 2010 map to my three week old 765T. After 2.5 hours I received an error message that the update was not successfully updated and "An occured while copying the supplemental files to your device. Error Code 4 ....."

The unit briefly displayed a "System files not found" or something to that effect and now the unit will not turn on. I've tried resets and the web updater utility with no luck.

I use an Apple iMac G5 with OS X v10.5.7

I'm on vacation and I suppose I should have just left things the way they were. Lesson learned - don't fiddle with electronic devices when away from home.

Have I killed my Garmin?


  • Tim 1500 Points
    No-- you likely haven't bricked your Garmin, although you may need to contact Garmin Support as they have tools that can rebuild your device.
  • I know, a little too late now....

    but this is a perfect example why a little time copying all the files from your gps before you make a change is a good thing :oops:
  • Edsel 0 Points
    Thanks for replying! I have emailed Garmin support, now waiting for a response. My unit is about as dead as you can get. Not even a hint of life left in the poor thing.

    Well, I'm happy I didn't throw away my backup navigation system - good ol'fashioned paper maps. :D
  • give em a call if you have time, sometimes they respond right away and can remote in and fix it... good luck !
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