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Old Etrex vs garmin GPSmap 60scx

With the 60csx on sale and down to about $296.00 I am considering getting it.

I now have a Etrex which is about 6 - 8 years old with software ver 3.30 I find that it has a couple of problems which tend to get my goat. First it bounces a lot and second it loses its lock in the woods if not held high and flat.

I use it for backpacking (mostly as a toy to amuse myself) and I do some Geocaching where the bouncing can be a problem, but is liveable with.

Now comes the questionsssss :D
What are the advantages of spending $300.00? Other then the maps.
Will it keep a lock when I put it on my backpack strap? So I don't have to hold it flat and up all the time.
Will the bouncing be reduced?

And one question about the Etrex. The computer I have now has a Com port two infact, but I am building a new one that will not. So comes the problem of hooking up my Etrex. Is there a why to interface it with a USB port? USB port to fast?


  • There is serial to USB cable, if you're happy with your current eTrex.
    If you don't want to spend money, maybe you will be happy with the new H-eTrex which is at the same price as the ... old eTrex.
    GPS made 3 years ago just don't cut it with modern ones, in the jungle canopy.
    H= High sensitivity chip.
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