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7200T - Landmark 3D Not Working?

davelac 91 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
Started this new topic for this before it gets lost under Map Update subject.

Tried a simulated route from Qualcomm to Petco Center in SanDiego and no 3D buildings. The folder/file is in there, but maybe it didn't download correctly. I did an update again, but still no luck. Same with soft and hard resets - no buildings on the map. I may take the old "Landmarks" folder and copy it over the old one to see if that works, or put the original microSD card back it to revert the unit back to the day it was shipped. Anyone else have a better idea? Thanks in advance.


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    After reading the posts about Landmark View not working after the latest map update I decided to check out my 7200. Sadly Landmark View no longer works on mine either.

    There is at least one "demo" Landmark View route (called 3D Landmarks) in the 7200 and when I attempt to load the "saved route" it will not load. I then created a new simulated route in the Washington, DC metro area and not a single landmark showed up!

    I reverted back to my original 3D landmarks file and that did not make any difference. It will not load.

    So.... I reverted back to Firmware 7.3.1 and maps Q3_2008 and Landmarks now show up. When I have time I might try to narrow down the source of the problem (maps vs system). If anyone else would care to narrow it please, be my guest. In any event this is a Navigon screwup IMHO and I suspect any immediate fix from them will not be happening considering the current US support climate.

    Time to go check out other forums and see if a solution has possibly been found though.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Thanks for checking. How did you revert back to the previous firmware version? I did do a backup in Fresh prior to the update (I think) so will this also set back the firmware as well as the maps? If I don't have a backup of the firmware file, is there anyway to get a copy??
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I used Fresh to do a Restore. I tend to name my backups to include the firmware version and map version so I know which one to pick. But when you use Fresh to do a restore it will show you which firmware version was backed up regardless of your file name. I also did this restore to a 2nd 4GB microSD card. I still have my Q2_2009/v7.3.4 version on a different SD card.

    Yes, the restore will take the maps back to earlier version. That is why I am not sure where the Landmark problem lies - firmware or maps. One way to find out is to just replace the old maps with newer maps and see how it goes. I just have not tried it as yet.

    Re firmware - I am not aware of any archived location for Navigon firmware. You could just Google "navigon firmware" and see what develops.
  • davelac 91 Points
    Thanks to the tip from Spyder63, I was able to do a restore back to the original software with v7.3.1 and Q3_2008 maps and the 3D buildings now appear as they did when I first received the unit. I kept a separate microSD card for the newer updates. I doubt there was any significant change in the maps in my area and I'm interested in seeing how many of the Landmark images may be in my limited travel planned throughout the summer. If it's a feature that really isn't useful, I'll likely go back to the card with the latest updates and forego the 3D images.

    It's also interesting that the version software may actually reside on the SD card and not on the hardware. I'll try it later by popping in the update card and seeing if the version changes to 7.3.4. I may also try to update the maps only again on Fresh to see if perhaps it's a problem with the latest maps. I did receive an email back from Navigon when I asked about the issue, and their response was generic:

    Thank you for your inquiry. In order to solve your problem it is necessary for you to send us your product.

    Once our repair facility receives your unit, we will evaluate the symptom(s) on the unit. If the repair is deemed to be Out-of-Warranty, a representative will contact you to discuss the symptoms and/or suggested repair services and provide a repair quotation for each service rendered. You can choose to have the unit returned to you without repair, but a diagnostic fee of $25.00 will be assessed. Should you choose to release your unit for repair based on the recommended services, our call center representatives will process your payment via phone.

    I don't plan on sending the unit anywhere and will reply back to ask that they check from the software side since a number of us have had the same problem.

    Maybe someone out there can come up with a fix.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Tried to re-download the Q2_2009 maps to my original SD card with firmware v7.3.1 and Fresh would not let it happen until I updated my firmware to 7.3.4. I did not want to do that so I canceled. Next I will try manually getting Q2_2009 maps to exist with 7.3.1 and see if (1) it will work and (2) if it makes Landmark View work again. (No time today though)

    Also sent a support query to Navigon (on Saturday JUL 4) and got a real quick reply from their unattended computers....

    "Dear customer,

    Thank you for your email to our support centre.

    Please be advised that due to an increased number of enquiries, it may take up to 48 hrs on weekdays and up to 72 hrs on enquiries prior to weekends for us to process your request.

    Your sincerely

    NAVIGON Support Team"

    Language/spelling indicates a European origin to the reply even though the email address is So, we will wait and see if they actually reply to the real question.
  • Spyder63 331 Points

    Sent the following inquiry to Navigon support as noted above:

    July 4, 2009

    Several 7200t users on the GPSReview Navigon forum are reporting that
    Landmark View is broken after updating their units (mine included) to
    firmware v7.3.4 and Q2_2009 map. What is the detailed solution to this
    problem? Does Navigon plan to offer an update or fix to US users? If
    so, WHEN?
    I have rolled back my 7200t to v7.3.1 and Q3_2008 maps and Landmark
    View works as it should.

    Thank you. I and many others await your reply which will be posted in
    the Navigon forum on and GPSPassion forum.

    Received this NON-ANSWER (complete with broken English):

    Dear NAVIGON Customer

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    To be sure that the software running on your device is the correct one, please install the backup of the software that has been made NAVIGON Fresh to reinstall the navigation software. If you own a CD or DVD with our software you can also restore your device this way.

    Please be sure you are using the actual software available for your device. You can update your device by using the update function in our NAVIGON Fresh software.

    p.p. Michelle Collier

    NAVIGON Support Team

    If you have further questions, please attach previous e-mails


    My conclusion is that US owners are pretty much "up Sh#&^@t Creek without a paddle" for support since Navigon pulled out.
  • davelac 91 Points
    I tend to agree - we're unlikely to get much help anymore.

    I noticed the new Navigon website is starting to promote iPhone based navigation. They've left a bad taste in everyone's mouth right now, so do they think the US market will forget and buy from Navigon again?
  • Any solution for this problem? Has anyone been able to succesfully update their Navigon 7200t and get the landmarks to show up? :?
  • I got almost exactly the same answer regarding issues with 2120max. Do they use the same script? What a bunch of losers!!.

    Dear NAVIGON Customer,

    Thank you for your inquiry.

    To be sure that the software running on your device is the correct one, please install the backup of the software that has been made NAVIGON Fresh to reinstall the navigation software.

    Please be sure you are using the actual software available for your device. You can update your device by using the update function in our NAVIGON Fresh software.


    p.p. Oliver Barfus
  • Barfus indeed. :mrgreen:
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