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"Accessory Not Supported" Message

In January, I purchased a new Suzuki SX4 which came with a crippled version of the Garmin Nuvi 760 built into a flip-up mount in the dash. By crippled I mean you can't turn off safe mode and there are some other quirks that I didn't like. One of the nicest supprise features has been the built-in MSN receiver in the Suzuki so I can look up stuff when I'm on the road, it has been very beneficial. This is a feature that I wouldn't have purchased but am now glad I have.

So last month I purchased a Nuvi 755T so I could use a non-crippled Nuvi, I didn't need bluetooth since I previously upgraded my in-dash radio. I gave the 760 to my daughter and all was well.

A couple of days ago the 755T started displaying the following message upon car start-up.

"Accessory Not Supported" with an OK box at the bottom.

It didn't tell what accessory wasn't supported which wasn't very helpful. This reminded me of some of those Microsoft OS notes that pop up every once in a while. Since the only accessory I could think of was the MSN I tested it. Sure enough there wasn't any info coming into the Nuvi from the MSN adapter.

After a system reset my 755T is now talking to the MSN adapter again. Yay!

It's good to know a system reset will fix it.

Does anybody know if this is going to be an on-going issue?
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